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Highly Sought-After Accessory Among Longboarders

Chris Christenson Longboard Fin


The FCS II Christenson Longboard Fin is a highly sought-after accessory among longboarders, and it's not hard to see why. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned shaper Chris Christenson, these fins are available in two sizes to suit different board types and riding styles.

The smaller size, ranging from 7.5" to 8.5", is perfect for mid-length boards, while the larger size, ranging from 9" to 9.5", is ideal for everyday logs.


One of the most striking features of the FCS II Christenson Longboard Fin is its unique foil design. With a thicker upfront foil, the fin provides a lot of options for surfers, without feeling too knifey or overly directional.

The thickness also allows the fin to stay stiff, preventing any wobbliness during your ride. This added thickness in the foil design also provides a great deal of control and drive, allowing the rider to push their surfing to the next level.

Another notable feature of the FCS II Christenson Longboard Fin is that it is available in Performance Glass (PG) material. PG fins are machine cut from layers of solid fiberglass, resulting in a stiff and durable fin that's favored by professional surfers. These fins are designed to maintain the integrity of the flex even under immense force and extreme conditions, providing consistent performance and control. In addition, the FCS II Christenson Longboard Fin is part of the FCS II Tool-Less Longboard System.

Unlike traditional longboard fins that require a plate and screw to attach to the board, the FCS II system allows surfers to easily insert or remove their fins in seconds, without the need for a fin key. This system also allows surfers to adjust the position of their fins mid-surf, providing greater flexibility and control over their ride. The FCS II Tool-Less Longboard System is designed to be compatible with most existing longboard boxes, so there's no need to install a new box on your board. Overall, the FCS II Christenson Longboard Fin and Tool-Less Longboard System are a winning combination that offers surfers exceptional performance, convenience, and versatility in the water. 

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