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JS XERO Gravity Surfboards

Unlock Your Performance Potential with the Xero Gravity

JS Industries Xero GravitySHOP NOW

Model: Xero Gravity. A fusion of a number of JS’s most popular shortboard models.

Ability: Intermediate to advanced shortboarders looking to take their shred game to the next level.

Type of waves: Waist- to head-high, rippable waves.

Fin setup: FCS and Future thruster.

Construction: The Xero Gravity is available in PU and HyFi construction.

Size range: 

5'9" X 19 X 2 3/8 V27.8
5'10" X 19 1/4 X 2 7/16 V29.5
5'11" X 19 1/2 X 2 7/16 V30.2
6'0" X 19 3/4 X 2 1/2 V32
6'1" X 20 1/2 X 2 11/16 V36.5

The Xero Gravity is a mash-up of a bunch of JS’s most popular designs, intended to give the Monsta Box a run for its money as the best board in the company’s lineup. Featuring the rocker of the Monsta Box, the foil of the Xero, and a few updated tweaks on an all-arounder that has won events on both the CT and QS tours, this is the board that will take your performance surfing to the next level. The Xero Gravity thrives in any conditions up to the head-high+ range, has a medium rocker, a large sweet spot under the front foot, medium full rails, and a thruster fin configuration.

A Fusion of JS's Greatest Hits

JS Industries Xero Gravity


The Xero Gravity combines the best features of JS's wildly popular Monsta Box, Xero, and Blak Box designs. It utilizes the medium-low entry and exit rocker of the Monsta Box, providing that board's unmatched wave range and smooth transitions. The Xero lends its responsive foil and hidden deck foam to increase speed and pop. Finally, the pulled in rails sharpen the Gravity's responsiveness for carving and maneuvers.

This hybrid fusion results in a shortboard tuned for all-around progression in waist to head high surf. JS refined the Xero Gravity over years of feedback from their pro team in real-world conditions. It's won events at both the QS and Championship Tour level, proving itself among the world's best surfers. Regular wave riders reap the benefits in optimized design offering control plus liveliness from power hacks to open face carves.

Maximized Maneuverability

Photo credits: JS Surfboards


Several design elements maximize the Xero Gravity's maneuverability for progressive surfing. The medium-low entry rocker provides easy paddling and transition up the face while still maintaining control. Foil with a tucked in chest area increases responsiveness and spring when setting up for turns.

The wide sweet spot under the front foot gives ample stability when driving through bottom turns or lining up hits. Medium full rails add just the right blend of hold and release. They engage cleanly without abrupt catch or slippage.

For fins, the Xero Gravity comes equipped with a thruster setup using FCS II or Futures systems. The three fin configuration balances drive and pivot for versatile turning. Overall, the board exhibits tighter radius performance than a pure groveler shape while retaining forgiveness. This amplifies the range and levels of maneuvers accessible to intermediate and advanced surfers.

Construction Built to Withstand Thrashing

JS Industries Xero Gravity
JS Industries Xero Gravity
Photo credits: JS Surfboards


To match its high performance aspirations, JS constructed the Xero Gravity to withstand heavy use in all conditions. It comes available in both PU and HyFi builds, using epoxy and fiberglass lamination. PU offers a lively flex for snap while HyFi increases response and durability.

Reinforced glassing specs add strength and impact resistance. Decks use a 4 ounce cloth on sizes under 6 feet and 3 ounces above that length. Bottoms feature 4 ounces throughout the range for resilience to wear. Plus, hybrid glass tail strips provide additional armor against pressure dings and fractures.

JS dialed in the glassing and resin ratios to create a shortboard that's highly reactive yet able to handle abuse. The Xero Gravity won't lose pop or deteriorate after extended thrashing due to its rugged build. It's designed to maintain top performance season after season just like JS's team of globe-trotting pro riders.

Sizing to Match Your Style and Wave Conditions

The Xero Gravity comes in a range of lengths from 5'9" to 6'1" so you can fine tune fit based on your abilities and local surf. Shorter boards in the low 5 foot range offer tighter turns for advanced surfers in steeper waves. The extra length of the 6 foot options provides control for intermediates or maneuvering larger sizes.

In terms of volume, the outline and rocker enable the Xero Gravity to run a little under true shortboard liters. So you can size down 5-10 liters for increased responsiveness or bump up for more stability. Either way, the board's balanced design makes small increments of length or volume impactful.

Dialing in your dimensions based on weight, height and waves results in a custom locked-in feel. The Xero Gravity gives you the versatility to tweak your board to your evolving skill set as you progress.

JS Industries Xero Gravity

Unlock Next Level Performance

For intermediate to advanced surfers seeking greater control, speed, and maneuverability, the JS Industries Xero Gravity unlocks the next level. Its hybrid design leverages JS's decades of shaping expertise into a progressive all-around shred sled.

  • Excels in waist to overhead waves. Channeled concaves and tuned rocker add projection across the range
  • Lively responsiveness meets forgiveness thanks to the balanced rail shape and foil. Engage rails fully without overcatching.
  • Available in sizes from 5'9" to 6'1" to customize fit for your weight, height and local waves. Fine tune the ride as your skills progress.
  • Constructed using PU or HyFi and fiberglass to create a durable, high performance shortboard built to withstand heavy use.

If you want a fast, dynamic, yet forgiving board to progress your surfing, the JS Industries Xero Gravity delivers. Its fusion of popular designs results in versatile performance allowing intermediate and advanced surfers to push limits with control. Up your shred game and unlock the full potential of your surfing on this progressive all-around shortboard.



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