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KLLY Sandals with the Bloom Technology Explained

Understanding BLOOM Technology

BLOOM technology is at the forefront of sustainable material innovation, particularly in the footwear industry. It is a process that transforms harmful algae blooms into a flexible foam material, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based foams.聽This technology not only helps in cleaning water bodies affected by excessive algae growth but also contributes to air purification by sequestering CO2 during the algae's growth phase.
Bloom- made with Algae

The Process

  1. Algae Harvesting: Algae blooms, which can be detrimental to aquatic ecosystems, are harvested from water bodies. This step aids in cleaning the water and restoring the natural balance of the ecosystem.
  2. Drying and Pulverizing: The harvested algae are dried and then pulverized into a fine powder.
  3. Material Creation: The algae powder is mixed with other materials to create BLOOM pellets. These pellets are then used to produce the flexible foam that forms the base of products like Klly slippers.

Environmental Benefits

  • Water Restoration: The process of making one pair of Klly slippers using BLOOM technology cleans approximately 52 liters of water.
  • Air Purification: It also purifies around 82 cubic meters of air.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The production of BLOOM material results in significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional materials.

Role of Recycled PET (rPET)

In addition to BLOOM, Klly sandals are made using recycled PET, a material derived from plastic bottles.rPET is used in various parts of the slippers, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the environment. This use of recycled materials further emphasizes Kelly Slater's commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

KLLY Sandals

Application in Surfing Gear

Kelly Slater also incorporates BLOOM technology in his surfing gear, such as the traction pads available through Firewire Surfboards.This application showcases the versatility of BLOOM material and its potential beyond footwear, extending into sports equipment where durability and environmental impact are key considerations.


The Klly slippers by Kelly Slater represent a significant step forward in sustainable footwear, combining comfort and performance with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Through the innovative use of BLOOM technology and recycled PET, these slippers not only offer a high-quality product for consumers but also contribute to cleaning water and air, showcasing a successful model of how the footwear industry can impact the planet positively.


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