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Making Waves: Kevin Schulz’s Take on the S Boss Surfboard

I recently came across a video by Firewire Surfboards featuring Kevin Schulz reviewing the S Boss, a surfboard designed in collaboration between the legendary Kelly Slater and Dan Mann. So, I thought I'd break down the key points from Schulz's review and share some additional insights from Dan Mann himself.

In-Depth Look at the S Boss through Kevin Schulz's Review

Schulz, known for his exceptional surfing skills and insightful reviews, dives into the S Boss's design and performance in the video. Here's a breakdown of the key takeaways from his review:

  • Board Design: The S Boss boasts a distinctive rounded outline, featuring a round nose, round tail, and a captivating spinal V that runs through the deck. This design, according to Schulz, contributes to a unique feel and exceptional turning capabilities.
  • Performance: Schulz emphasizes the board's ability to maintain speed across various wave conditions, from powerful overhead waves to gentler one-foot swells. He highlights its versatility, mentioning his experience riding it as a thruster, quad, and even a five-fin setup, demonstrating its adaptability to different wave types and preferences.

Firewire S Boss surfboard

  • Fin Setup: Schulz typically rides the S Boss as a thruster with larger fins, but he also explores the possibilities of using a quad or even a five-fin configuration, showcasing the board's potential for customization based on individual preferences and surfing conditions.
  • Ideal Wave Types: The review highlights the S Boss's suitability for a wide range of waves, including point breaks, beach breaks, and even slabs. Its design elements seemingly cater to various wave characteristics, making it a versatile option for surfers seeking a board that can handle diverse conditions.
  • Board Sizing: Interestingly, Schulz rides a 5'7" x 28.1" S Boss, which is 2 to 3 inches shorter than his usual shortboards. He emphasizes that the sizing can be adjusted based on individual preferences and desired foam volume.

Firewire S Boss Surfboard


Insights from Dan Mann on the S Boss Surfboard

Also, did you see our zoom call with Dan Mann? Here's the link to watch the video. He explained that this design originated in 2020 from an idea Kelly Slater had for a shorter, fast board that could still turn sharply.

Some key features of the S Boss design include:

  • A more parallel, "bullet nose" outline to reduce swing weight
  • Unique double concave to vee bottom contours designed by Slater
  • Low to moderate rocker inspired by the Dominator model
  • A rounded tail with a straighter section near the fins per Slater's preference
  • Intended as a high performance shortboard alternative for all conditions from beach breaks to reefs.
Given Dan Mann's legendary shaping and Slater's endless wave knowledge, this Collab was bound to produce something special. Riders have been thrilled with the speed and responsiveness of the S Boss since its launch.

The S Boss: A Board for All Levels?

While both Kevin Schulz and Dan Mann acknowledge the S Boss's exceptional performance and versatility, it's important to remember that surfboard choice is a personal decision influenced by individual surfing style, skill level, and wave preferences. If you're interested in exploring a board that offers a unique blend of performance, adaptability, and the backing of renowned shapers like Kelly Slater and Dan Mann, the S Boss is definitely worth considering.

Firewire S Boss Surfboard

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