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Why are you always on the Wrong Side?

We travel to Japan often, and when we fly there, we either fly into Narita or Nagoya. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why my wife was always in the way. What I mean is that when we would land and get on the escalator, she was always on the wrong side. I don't know whether you've been to Japan, but if you have, perhaps you’ve noticed that most people stand on the left side of the escalator.
Tokyo Tokyo
This allows people who are in a hurry to walk past everyone else on the right side of the escalator. It's like being on a freeway — you have the slow lane on one side and the fast lane, or passing lanes on the other. It just keeps things flowing. But each time we arrived and jumped on the escalator, I’d have to tell my wife to move to the left side, since she was blocking the paths of the people who were in a hurry. Maybe they were running late for their connecting flight or train. My wife is from Japan, and I thought she would just move to the left of the escalator naturally, but…I had to remind her to do so for the first couple of days. On our most recent trip, we went to Osaka. I jumped on the escalator and stood behind everyone, leaving one side open. But I was kind of confused…we were on the right side, and the left side was the fast lane? I asked my wife about this, telling her I thought we were supposed to stand on the left, and she said, “Yeah… I guess they do it differently here in Osaka.” I asked her why, but she didn’t know.
Osaka Escalator Osaka Escalator
I wanted to know, and I thought it would be fun to take a picture and post it on Facebook and see if people knew where I was. Most people guessed that I was in the newly renovated Tokyo train station. One person guessed right — a Japanese man who comes to Hawaii often and travels all over Japan. I asked him why everyone in Japan rides on the left side of the escalator, when in Osaka they ride on the right side? By the way, after researching several
Osaka Expo '70 Osaka Expo '70
sites, most people in the world ride on the right side and leave the left side open for the people who are in a hurry. Well, my Facebook friend replied that it was because of Expo ’70, Japan’s first world fair that took place in 1970. Osaka had many foreigners visiting, and at the time, there were many escalators in use. Most foreigners would ride on the right side, so naturally, everyone in Osaka followed suit, and it’s been that way ever since. I googled it later that evening and found out that in Tokyo, you stand on the left side. In Osaka, you stand on the right side. And in Kyoto? In Kyoto, it doesn't matter. (People from Kyoto aren’t in as much of a hurry as those in Tokyo or Osaka.) So, I apologized to my wife. She’s from Kyoto, so I guess I just have to remind her of which side to stand on the next time she jumps on an escalator. It’s intriguing to think that having an influx of foreigners in a huge city like Osaka — even in a short period of time — can have such a lasting impact. - David

Real Sun Cover in the Honolulu Star Advertiser We got word that Real Sun Cover Sunscreen that we helped developed was featured in the Star Advertiser.

Thanks for our our long time member Talia Higgins that wrote into the newspaper many months ago. Personally recommend the stick formula. It does’t clog the skin, burn or rub off into the eyes. If you want to sample some before you jump into the water stop by and try it out. We have samples for you to try. - David

Reef Safe, Baby Safe All Natural SunScreen Reef Safe, Baby Safe All Natural SunScreen

Member of the Month - Shaina Ducosin

Member of the Month Member of the Month Shaina Ducosin
When and what got you into surfing? Hmm.. I don't remember when I started surfing, it must have been about elementary school days. My dad bought me one of those 'Gotcha' long boards from Sams Club. My first time surfing, he took me out to White Plains Beach. I still remember the first wave he pushed me into, it was the most incredible feeling ever and I was instantly hooked. Did you have a time period you weren't surfing? If so when and why did you start back up. Yes, it was AWFUL! My Senior year of college I was working 2 jobs and I was taking about 20 credits of upper division classes a semester. I was also in San Diego and had no desire to put my wetsuit on at that point. The worst part of it all was that my school was right on Sunset Cliffs, walking distance from great surf. It haunted me every day. As soon as I finished my last class, I ran strait to the ocean! It was the longest I had ever gone without surfing and I moved back home to Oahu to ensure I would never have to do that again! Where is your favorite place to surf and why? I tend to frequent Kaisers and Chuns. A long left and a long right, nice people... can't beat that :) When I was in California, I was lucky enough to Surf Rincon and Malibu, some of the best point breaks!
Outside of surfing what do you do for fun? If I'm not surfing, I'm probably doing something else regarding the water. I enjoy free diving on the west side, I love hiking and love to travel. I also volunteer at AccesSurf :) What do you do for work? I am a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines :)
Treasures by Umiko Treasures by Umiko
You also have a Instagram with a good following, what got you into doing what you do. Haha yea its ok i guess. I just really enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with others; I just like to share the stoke! Some people like to write, or blog; I just love sharing the moments I am so fortunate to be able to capture. We've been lucky enough to get some Instagram posts for you and you mentioned to me you usually don't give alot of product testimonials unless you really believe in the product. Can you elaborate on that? Yea totally! I love supporting local businesses because I run one myself. I make handmade ocean inspired jewelry called "Treasures by Umiko" We're in a world that is heavily driven by social media. Many businesses rely on having a good status on their social media because it could a first impression on a customer and could be a make or break deal on whether someone is going to shop there, or choose to go somewhere else. I truly believe that the Real Sun Cover Sunscreen you guys sell is the best face sunscreen ever! Always Surfing and diving, I hate when my sunscreen runs into my eyes and stings. RSC does not and i love that they have a face stick now! Stoked! Anything else you want to add anything that's on your mind? Not much... Hope to see you all in the water! Surf with Aloha and remember that the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun! :) To follow Shaina on Instagram search treasuresbyumiko
6 or 12 Months Interest Free as long as you pay the balance every month. 6 or 12 Months Interest Free as long as you pay the balance every month.
We are all about making your purchase as easy as possible. For more than 6 years, we've been offering a Hawaiian South Shore credit card with a 6-month or 12- month interest-free plan, as long as you pay the balance each month. We are confident about the program because first of all, we know many people who have had the card for years now and still use it today. It’s also backed by Synchrony Financial. Most people have never heard of this company, but Synchrony Financial provides private-label credit cards for 42% of the cards in the US. So, if you or someone you know has a Toys R US, Gap, Banana Republic, Exxon, or other card, most of them are from Synchrony Financial. But for folks who are interested in the Layaway program, we have that also. call for us for more details 808-597-9055
Vissla Huge Collection at Hawaiian South Shore Vissla
Huge Collection at Hawaiian South Shore New Stock coming in on a weekly basis
Dad, What’s Vissla? The other day I was watching the Fiji Pro on, and I kept seeing an ad between heats where a young kid would ask his father, “Dad, what’s VISSLA?” After seeing this short video a few times, I realized that I didn’t really know what VISSLA was either, other than being a new surf brand that that we carry. So I figured I should conduct some research, and as it turned out, it wasn’t anything like I expected. Paul Naude is a major player in the surf industry, acting as company director and US division president of Billabong for 15 years. When he announced the launch of his new brand, we should have expected something cutting-edge, but I don’t think that anyone was prepared for how community-based and socially conscious the brand would be. Since its launch, VISSLA has made a point of being a surfer’s brand, rather than a brand that simply sells to surfers. The company doesn’t just support the typical pro surfer paradigm, but throws its lot in with shapers, artists, region riders and influencers, and the local community as well. They support numerous grassroots programs, and even helped sponsor the Point Panic bodysurfing contest with us and DaFin. The brand has also been quite proactive in using sustainable materials for fabrics and products, and in upcycling plastic bottles and coconut husks (which have antimicrobial properties that keep wet clothing from smelling) into board shorts. When combined with the support of smaller industry upstarts like DaFin, Hayden Cox, and Hoffman Fabrics, this community and environmental focus has made the brand even more grassroots-friendly. One of the more exciting things that VISSLA has planned is a joint venture with Donald Brink. They will be helping him release a line of special, unique boards, with a tentatively scheduled launch show and other events planned. This continued support of the everyman surfer is what distinguishes the brand from others that pay lip service to community consciousness, but don’t actually deliver. With a cutting-edge, soulful, artistic outlook, VISSLA appears to a movement more than a brand, and when you look at the history of our sport, the grassroots movements have always sparked the most change. So, in response to the boy’s question to his dad — “What is VISSLA?” — it would appear that VISSLA is everything that is good in surfing. It will be exciting to see where Naude takes us next!
SupraCore Soft face scrub SupraCore Soft face scrub
Supra Core After using it for a while, we were confident that this item would be a hit in the store — and we were right. The reviews we’ve gotten from people who come back to get another version are proof. It’s perfect for Hawaii or any other humid place because the material prevents bacteria growth, and you won’t get that funky smell. Right this minute, someone who liked the facial sponge is trying out the body scrubber. I asked her for an honest review after she uses it, and I’m pretty confident that she’ll like it. I use it regularly and like it. (But then, she is a lot more picky than I am.) Below are some reviews I put together.
Supra Core body wash Supra Core body wash
-Favorite product ever. This is my go to gift for someone I want to thank but don't know what to get them. I have had mine for years and the material is antibacterial and doesn't wear down. I wouldn't shower without it! Also I use liquid soap and I love the way it spreads it around versus glopping it on with just my hands. It exfoliates but isn't too abrasive at all. - This body scrubber is very handy. One side is "rougher" to exfoliate and the other side is "smoother." Soap lathers up easily in and on the scrubber and then rinses out when you're finished using it. I am a big guy but the scrubber is long enough for even me. - The best back scrubber money can buy smooth side and rough side to really get your back clean I have dry skin on my face that would never go away no matter how much I scrubbed or used lotion.                                                                                                                                                      - I was unsure this item would work but after using it only one time on my face with my regular face cleansing soap I saw a difference. After a week of use now it has completed removed my dry skin. This item really works! OCEAN SUNGLASS NOT JUST FOR SURFING FISHING * KAYAKING * BIKING * EVEN LAWN WORK PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT
Ocean Sunglasses If your a rewards member mention this add and get your 20% off Ocean Sunglasses
If your a rewards member mention this add and get your 20% off
Ocean Glasses are game-changers. They know that nothing is worse than missing a session because your eyes are sunburned — except perhaps being dry-docked for a week after having a pterygium sanded off your eye. The solution? Sunglasses that not only Ait well and look good, but stay on in the water. Ocean Glasses are secure enough to stick with you during wipeouts, and they don’t skimp on style to accomplish that. Plus, they are impact-resistant to prevent damage, and come with polarized lenses that help you see better in the water. In short, they make your surf experience much more enjoyable. They are UVA- and UVB-resistant, helping to prevent both sunburn and skin cancer, and can be used for a variety of water sports, including surfing, paddling, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding. They’re great for biking and riding motorcycles as well.
TIERRA DE FUEGO TIERRA DE FUEGO Frame is exceptionally light floating frame is comfortable due to interior padded that fits perfectly the shape of your face
We believe in Ocean Glasses, and in the idea of saving our eyes for future sessions. This is why we are now stocking these waterproof, damage-resistant glasses that stay on your face even when you fall off a wave. Check them out today!
CUMBUCO Perfect for small framed faces CUMBUCO
Perfect for small framed faces
        Ocean has developed the sunglasses focusing on the extreme conditions in and out of the water. - Polarized lens, to reduce the harmful effect in the eye when the sun reflecting off the water. - UVA / UVB - A special coating for water repellent
Hawaiian South Shore Website Hawaiian South Shore Website
    NEW UPDATED WEBSITE - LIVE CHAT WITH STAFF via desktop and mobile ONLINE SHOPPING FOR  -- WETSUITS, SURF/SUP FINS AND SURFBOARDS All inventory on the site is update every hour, shipping if free for orders of $50 or more If you have a Rewards enter in the promo code, just in case that does not work, pay for the item and add in your Rewards Promo Code in the Notes at Check out. We will make sure you pay the total minus the rewards you earn and send a final invoice that we charged. Or just call in like so many have done.
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Thank you very much for checking out this Months Reward members newsletter. We posted here on the blog so not only members can check out what is going on but for all to check out what Hawaiian South Shore has going on. Surf and Fashion is our passion. Visit us on line if you have questions email us Or visit us, we are always updating the look, feel and products in the store. We're Open Mon - Sat 1030-700 and Sun 11-6.
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