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Octopus Deck Pads - Owned & Run by Surfers

We're stoked to carry Octopus Deck Pads at Hawaiian South Shore! This brand is solid. If you're not familiar with them yet, allow Nate Tyler, Chippa Wilson and Dion Agius to introduce themselves below...

OCTOPUS is a technical surf company with a modern aesthetic.

We build products that reflect the performance requirements and sensibilities of our team riders. (the) OCTOPUS was founded in 2014 by our group of friends because we wanted to create a new project / experiment / surf company that was owned and run by surfers.  No big investors.  No one to answer to.  No rules to follow. We wanted to take the old idea of creating a core surf company like the ones we grew up with, but look at it from a different perspective in today’s terms.  The core surfer still wants all the products that will make him or her surf to their potential, but they have a more refined sense of style then they did 20 years ago. We put every new product through a rigorous sampling and testing process and simply won’t put out a product unless our founding team riders have signed off on it’s performance, and durability.  We are completely focused on working with our team to make the best technical surfing products on the market today with very little compromise. So what you see from OCTOPUS is what our riders wanted in order to help them do what they do better. If they don’t want it, we don’t make it.  That’s it. There are a lot of choices out there, so we just make a few things, but we try to make them really, really well. Godspeed, (the) OCTOPUS *Browse the Octopus Deck Pad line here!