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POLY , EPOXY and CARBON - in one board?

JS PE Carbon: The Future of Surfboard Construction

JS Industries Big Baron Surfboard

Surfboard construction has come a long way in recent years, and one of the most exciting developments has been the rise of PE Carbon construction. PE Carbon surfboards are made using a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber, which results in a board that is strong, durable, lightweight, and responsive.

What is PE Carbon construction?

PE Carbon construction is a relatively new surfboard construction method that combines the strength and durability of epoxy resin with the flexibility and responsiveness of carbon fiber. Epoxy resin is a much stronger and more durable material than traditional polyurethane (PU) resin, and carbon fiber is a very lightweight and flexible material.

El Baron Surfboard

Benefits of PE Carbon construction

PE Carbon surfboards offer several advantages over traditional PU surfboards, including:

  • Increased strength and durability: PE Carbon surfboards are less likely to ding or break, even in heavy waves.
  • Lighter weight: PE Carbon surfboards are easier to paddle and more responsive.
  • More flex: PE Carbon surfboards have a more lively and responsive feel.
  • Increased performance: PE Carbon surfboards are faster, more maneuverable, and generate more speed and power.

Who should choose a PE Carbon surfboard?

PE Carbon surfboards are a great choice for surfers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. They are particularly well-suited for performance surfing in big waves and challenging conditions.


PE Carbon construction is the future of surfboard construction. It offers several advantages over traditional PU construction, including increased strength and durability, lighter weight, more flex, and increased performance. If you are looking for a surfboard that will help you take your surfing to the next level, then a PE Carbon surfboard is a great option.