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Randy Rarick Black Tip Fin Review

Black Tip Fin Review聽

Randy Rarick Black Tip Fin

Eric from Central Oahu provided his review of the Black Tip fin from Hawaiian South Shore. He described installing the fin on a new 7'3" custom performance board that he took out for the first session at Sunset Beach. The board was set up with the Black Tip as the center fin along with SB1 side fins in a 2+1 configuration.

Eric stated that upon his very first bottom turn, he immediately noticed the natural and lively feel the Black Tip fin gave the board. He reported exceptional drive and hold through turns, allowing him to fit tightly in the pocket without slipping out. According to Eric, the custom board was designed with a hybrid shape blending elements of a cheater 5 and sniper gun, optimized for high performance at Rocky Point. He felt the Black Tip complemented the design intentions very well. Eric noted that some legendary North Shore shapers took interest in his board and fin setup while it was being waxed.

In summary, Eric expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the Black Tip fin. He credited Hawaiian South Shore for the excellent recommendation and looks forward to continued testing in his other boards. Eric highly recommended the Black Tip to anyone seeking enhanced response and drive in their performance surfboards.

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