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August News From Hawaiian South Shore

I'm Finally Figuring out Why

By David Kelly, Owner, Hawaiian South Shore
I spent most of my younger days growing up in Okinawa and I knew it was different compared to Japan. As I get older, I am noticing that I am more Okinawan than Japanese. Yes, I know the people are different looking and the food is different, but I thought I was more Japanese in just about all the things I do. I guess because I grew up speaking Japanese like most of my friends. I did attend a school on base, but over 90% were Half and we all spoke Japanese. Most were smart, they knew how to read and write, but I was one of the hard-headed kids that didn’t learn. On my last trip to Sendai (a city north of Tokyo), out of all the places in Japan, is where everything became clear – I am more Okinawan. My good friend loves Okinawa and when he nds an Okinawan restaurant in Sendai, he always checks it out and gives me a review. A new place recently opened and he said it’s one of the best, maybe better than most in Okinawa that he has been to. That’s a pretty bold claim, so on our most recent visit in June, we had dinner at this place. I must agree, it’s one of the better ones I’ve been to. The dishes come in large serving platters, served family style, with most of them being “yasai itame” (Vegetable Fry). I grew up on this stuff and my wife, Keiko said – “No wonder you’re always asking for Yasai Itame.” That’s when the conversation about how Okinawa and Japan are different began. The chef chimed in and we started talking about Almighty habits that I have that my wife notices, which make me different. For instance, in Japan, when you sit down to eat you are expected to eat everything, down to the last grain of rice to show respect to the farmers. In Okinawa, you would usually leave some leftovers to show that you're full and that it was good. They like to make sure you get enough food and if you clean up your plate they will start making more food, thinking that you want more. So, if you leave food on your plate, it says "I am full, I can't fit anymore and it was delicious!" Another thing that is different is at the end of a meal I had the habit of taking all the dishes, stacking them and placing them to the side. Okinawans do this because most of the restaurants that you go to are owned by someone you know and you try to help them out by cleaning the table to make their job easier for them.
We also talked about me having a habit of taking a napkin that my cup is resting on and folding it into a small square where it barely fits the cup. I don’t know where I picked up this habit, but my wife used to tell me: “You should just stop doing that.” I come to find out most Okinawans do that because it is humid there. If you don’t fold a napkin it will stick to the cup or it’ll tear right away. Folding the napkin into a nice small square will help suck up a lot of water and most of the time it will not stick to the cup. There are many other things that we talked about that make the islands so different and it just finally hit me that after all those years of being in Okinawa and then being away for so long, these traits are still ingrained in me. I’m super stoked to have grown up in Okinawa. The Japanese usually make fun of people that are from the country, well actually the people from Tokyo or other big cities that most don’t like to say they are from the countryside. Okinawa is one of the very few places that is country and people warm up to you, which I’m really grateful for.

Yasai Itame (Stir Fry Vegetables)

The main ingredients are carrots and “Katsuo” (smoked skipjack tuna AKA bonito akes). My wife does not care for carrots, but the carrots and Katsuo are thinly sliced with a “Nijin shirishi” (Okinawan Carrot Shredder). I remember it was one of my duties to take the chunk of Katsuo and shave it into a drawer. My Grandmother made me do that all the time. I always wondered why my Grandmother made me do that all the time and my mother recently mentioned Grandma always had me do things because I could never sit still. She would give me a task that would help me concentrate on one thing at a time, instead of bouncing off the walls and being obnoxious. Hahaha! I ate so many veggies and all of it was good. I can’t wait to go back to get more. Finally, after all these years, I now know why I always want Stir Fry Veggies.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Brandon Rodrigues

Brandon with his DIY paint job on Harley Cruiser, repping the Hawaiian South Shore tee.
When and what got you into surfing? I love when people ask me this question. I’ve only been surfing for three years now. All my life, I always wanted to surf. I used to tell my wife, “If I could ask God for one talent, it would be to surf!” Haha! It was during a challenging time in my life, I met a good braddah who invited me to surf. I didn't have close friends that surfed but this braddah put me on a Wave Storm from Costco and pushed me into the waves. Lol. We remain good friends to this day and surf together every chance we get!
Was there ever a time you stopped surfing? Since I first started, I haven’t stopped. I try to surf at least 3-4 times a week. Where do you most often surf and why? Hands down, my favorite surf spot is Honolua Bay but most times, I’m at Olowalu or Sandpiles on Maui. Favorite place to eat after surfing? Favorite item? Depending on the surf spot, I frequent Coconuts in Kihei for some good fish tacos, Olowalu store for some bentos or Maalaea General store for a BLT. Outside of surfing what do you do for fun? Outside of surfing, you can find me hanging out with family or on the mats training Jiu Jitsu.
What do you do for work? I work for the County of Maui. What board did you purchase from us recently? I recently purchased the 9’5” Harley Ingleby Cruiser. What fin setup are you using? Have you tried other setups? I tried it as a twin fin and a quad (XL Harley Ingleby Quads). Hands down Ingleby Quads all the way. It drives and turns unreal. What made you decide on this board? I was looking for a performance longboard that wasn’t overly “performance” and I was curious about the new thunderbolt technology. I wanted it but didn’t care for an all-white board so I bought it and gave it a DIY paint job that came out really nice. Did you ride it? Stoked on it? I love it! It’s a wave catching machine, turns unreal. I can’t believe how light it is.

What's New At Hawaiian South Shore

The AU Fins at Hawaiian South Shore are like no other fins you’ve seen. They look like a cross between an Old FCS CRV (webber Curve fins) and a regular fin. Lots of Drive and good for any condition. Right now they come in Drive type of templates in Thruster and Quads in medium and grom sizes. AU is currently working on an upright fin for pivoting off the top. @surf_aholic on Instagram gave it an awesome review then all his friends at Kewalo’s that surfs in the evening got a set and are stoked on them.

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Help Report Violations

Download the DLNRTip app on iTunes or Google Play to share information and help protect our natural resources. Developed by the tip411, the DLNRTip app is an innovative program that encourages people to provide DOCARE with factual information leading to the arrest of anyone who poaches or harasses protected wildlife species, pollutes, or violates any State conservation resources rules. 1400 communities around the country are currently using the application developed by and managed by tip411. DLNRTip is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the DOCARE website at
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Yea, When in Japan I Have it for Breakfast!

By David Kelly, Owner, Hawaiian South Shore I love eggs, especially when I’m in Japan. I like to eat “Tamago Kake Gohan”, which translates to Egg over Rice. It’s simple and super delicious. I put a “puka” into the rice, pour in just a little soy sauce, mix in some Natto and dig in. We usually only eat TKG when we’re in Japan, but we tend to get withdrawals a month after being back from Japan. About a year ago, “OK Poultry” in Waimanalo started selling TKG eggs for the Japanese and locals in Hawaii. I guess with so many visits to Japan nowadays, there’s a demand. I haven’t tried the local version, but friends say it’s really good. If you’ve tried these eggs, let me know about them! They now sell them at Don Quijote, Nijiya Market, 7-11 and I think they are also at Farmers Market at Kaiser High on Tuesdays. The whole reason I am telling you about this is because, when I’m here in Hawaii, I have one extra-large hard-boiled egg with my Kale Juice in the morning. I like to know my eggs are fresh. The “best by date” on the pack- age doesn’t really tell me how fresh my eggs are. I found some information online via the USDA website. They have an infographic that you can see in the image in this article. I hope it helps you understand how fresh your eggs are. If you go to Japan and have breakfast they always have raw eggs, so give ‘em a try! The eggs are so rich and “Ono!”

Harley Ingleby Surfboards

Harley Ingleby surfboards are fast becoming a hit with the guys that are looking for a high performance longboard. Lots of well-known Hawaii Pros are on them, even news anchor from KGMB, Keahi Tucker and Metallic, Kirk Hammett. Most in the US do not know Harley Ingleby, but he’s one of greatest Longboard competitors. Over the past decade, Harley won the 2009 and 2014 world championships, the 2005 and 2007 Australian longboard titles, an individual bronze and team gold in the 2006 World Surfing Games, an individual silver and team gold in the 2008 World Surfing Games, and two other podium finishes at the World Surfing Games in 2009 and 2010. Harley has been having his boards shaped by Billy Tolhurst since he was 12, and recently the two teamed up with Carve Sports to create a line of boards that draw on Tolhurst’s years of experience, Ingleby’s informed feedback. Blending traditional glide with modern design aspects and the lightweight strength of Thunderbolt/epoxy matrix technology, these boards represent the best in high-performance surfing, yet do so without sacrificing the flow that long boarders have been enjoying since the sport began.

They Have Finally Landed...

CJ Nelson and Harley Ingleby boards! Harley Ingleby We have Several HIHP in the Brushed Carbon Blue color scheme. The Curser in 9’1 and 9’2 Diamond Drive CJ Nelson For the first time, we have the Sinner model, which is a 2+1 board that looks similar to the Joel Tudor Papa Joe. Yes, the Colapintail that everyone has been asking for is coming also. Right now only in 8’3”and these are going to be sold out right away. Half the batch was gone as soon as we got word!