THE REWARDS MEMBER NEWSLETTER FOR MAY 2017 Reward members, did you check your email?  Make sure you don't miss out on the Mother's Day Special. If we don't have an updated email address you are missing out for sure.  - David

What's Inside the Newsletter

  1. Do you know the Signs? Know it and save a life
  2. 15 days or your money back on this all natural sunscreen that is non greasy made for the water sports person
  3.  Exclusive CJ Nelson Single fin classics
  4. Member of the Month Mike Wong - Stretch it!!!
  5. Alert Googling it can cost you!
  6.  Lost Shaper Matt Biolos how he got started - Point Panic Beach Clean up
  7. SupraCor get it you'll be stoked we are. 
  8. Only at Hawaiian South Shore Kanoa longboard fins with Aloha Print fabric
  9. Kewalos Beach Clean up!

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