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The Best Surfboard Sock for Ultimate Protection

Made By Hawaiian South Shore

We surfers are often very protective of our surfboards—and for good reason! Not only are they a substantial financial investment, but they are also a very personal and prized possession. They each have personalities of their own, riding differently and thriving in different waves. And each surfboard has memories associated with them—session with friends, surf trips that we took them on, and specific waves that we rode on them that we will remember forever.

The Best Surfboard Sock for Ultimate Protection

For all of these reasons, it is important to treat our surfboards well—to wash them in freshwater after surf sessions, keep them out of the sun, and prevent them from getting dinged and beat up, as much as is possible. One of the best ways to protect surfboards is with a surfboard sock. These soft, flexible board bags provide a layer of padding without adding much bulk. They are light, easy to use, simple to clean, and can help keep your surfboard safe whether it is flying halfway across the world, driving to the beach in your car, or simply sitting on the rack at home.

Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we recently developed new surfboard socks that we think are really great. It is made with a sandwich construction featuring two layers of fabric with a think layer of foam in the middle, providing even more protection than the standard sock. But even with that extra protection, it has a super low profile, so a socked board can still easily fit inside of a larger board bag during international trips.

The Best Surfboard Sock for Ultimate Protection

The surfboard sock comes in a navy blue color, and also soaks up water pretty well, if you don’t dry your surfboard before socking it. The fabric also dries relatively quickly, so if the sock gets wet, it won’t stay wet all week and get moldy like most cotton, twill, or knit bags.

The Best Surfboard Sock for Ultimate Protection

The two layers are of material very durable and robust. It’s made from 1680D Ballistic Nylon, used on luggage, bottoms of bags, police belts, tool belts, watch straps, and motorcycle jackets. So the mesh fabric will last a long time without wearing out.