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The Black Baron: JS's First Twin Fin

The Black Baron

JS's First Twin Fin
Black Baron


When JS works on a board for six years, you know it’s going to eventually become a classic. The Black Baron is JS Surfboards first dedicated twin fin, and delivers exactly what you’d hope from a classic design with a modern twist. Released in conjunction with Joel Parkinson’s retirement from tour, the Black Baron is the perfect board for a high-performance surfer looking to expand their quiver and perspective, and fall in love with surfing all over again.

The Black Baron Overview 

Black Baron Overview

Built for fun—and there’s nothing more fun than going fast. It has foam for days, providing ample volume to float through fat sections and rip lined-up walls. The twin fin configuration turns this board into a rocket ship, providing acceleration no matter the section. And the flat rocker up front to veer through the tail adds to the board’s speed without compromising maneuverability.

Black Baron surfing
The Black Baron is my personal favorite board for summertime waves at the moment, and everyone I have let try my board loves it as well. Stock dimensions range from 5'2" x 19 ¼" x 2 1/8" to 6'4" x 22" x 3", so just about anyone can find a Black Baron that works for them. Summer is only half over, so come have a look at this ultimate groveler fun stick before Town goes flat for the winter!



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