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The Firewire Omni

The Firewire Omni



Double-enders have always been a weird little niche in the world of surfboard shapes—almost snowboardish in design, with noses and tails that are difficult to differentiate between. Tomo loves unique, innovative designs, so it’s no surprise that he’d come up with his own version of a double-ender. What is surprising, however, in our world of cookie-cutter shortboards, is how popular the Omni has become. Ever since Slater tore the Surf Ranch apart on the disc-shaped board during the WSL’s test event, the Omni has been a solid staple of the Firewire/Slater Designs quiver.

The Omni features a rounded tail and a similarly rounded nose, doing away with volume up front to reduce swing weight and tighten the board’s turn radius. Featuring Tomo’s patented quad inside single concave bottom contour, the Omni is built with Linear Flex Technology and features five fin boxes so you have the option to ride it is as quad or a thruster. The foam under the chest helps the board paddle well, while the draw-in round tail provides control in anything from head high beach breaks to maxing reefs. Whether you ride it a few inches shorter than your height and put the board through its paces or get a big one and ride it as a mid-length, the Omni is easy to ride and puts the fun back in surfing.

Firewire Omni Kelly Slater

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