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The Future of Surfing: Introducing the Diamond Drive 2.0


For wave riders seeking the ultimate high-performance surfboard, the Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive 2.0 is generating serious buzz. This innovative model represents the cutting-edge of surf craft design and engineering. Let's break it down so everyone gets why this board is making waves.
harley ingleby diamond drive 2 surfboard


What's New with the Diamond Drive 2.0?

First off, let's talk about what makes this board different from its older brother, the original Diamond Drive. The first thing you'll notice is its shape. The new version has a more balanced shape, meaning it's not too bulky at the front and not too skinny at the back. This makes it easier to handle and move around in the water.

Harley kept the bottom part and the curve (rocker) the same because, why mess with something if it's already great, right? But they did add a neat little feature at the nose (the front part of the board) called a teardrop nose concave. This fancy term just means there's a slight dip at the front that helps you control your speed better when you're riding the waves.

The Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

Even though these changes might sound small, they make a big difference when you're out there on the water. The Diamond Drive 2.0 is like the Swiss Army knife of surfboards - it's super versatile and can handle just about anything you throw at it. It's especially great at catching waves, which can sometimes be the hardest part of surfing.

Choosing the Right Fins

For everyday surfing, Harley recommends using a set of three fins called the FCS Harley XL tri set. But if you're planning to tackle bigger waves or want a bit more speed, even on smaller waves, there's another option called the FCS Harley XL quad set, which has four fins.

Why You Might Love This Board

Whether you've been surfing for years or just thinking about starting, the Diamond Drive 2.0 has something for everyone. It's designed to make surfing easier and more fun, no matter the conditions. Plus, it's got the backing of Harley Ingleby, a big name in the surfing world, so you know it's a quality board.

In simple terms, the Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive 2.0 is like your best buddy in the water. It's reliable, easy to get along with, and ready for any adventure. So, if you're looking for a new surfboard, this one's definitely worth checking out. Happy surfing!


Frequently Asked Questions about the Diamond Drive 2.0 Surfboard

1. How does the Diamond Drive 2.0 perform in small vs. large waves?

The Diamond Drive 2.0 is designed to be versatile, performing well in a variety of wave conditions. Its balanced shape and subtle nose concave make it easier to catch waves and maintain speed in smaller surf. For larger waves, the recommended quad fin setup can provide additional stability and control, making it suitable for more challenging conditions as well.

2. Can the Diamond Drive 2.0 be used for competitive surfing?

Yes, the Diamond Drive 2.0 is designed as an all-rounder and can be used for competitive surfing. Its design caters to both ease of wave catching and maneuverability, which are essential for surfers in a competitive environment.

3. What are the maintenance tips for keeping the Diamond Drive 2.0 in top condition?

To keep your Diamond Drive 2.0 in top condition, rinse it with fresh water after each use to remove salt and sand, store it out of direct sunlight to prevent UV damage, and keep it in a padded board bag to protect against dings and scratches. Regularly check for any damage and repair it promptly to prevent water from seeping into the core.

4. How does the balance and shape of the Diamond Drive 2.0 enhance its performance?

The balanced shape of the Diamond Drive 2.0 ensures even volume distribution, which enhances stability and ease of paddling. The refined plan shape allows for smooth transitions and turns, while the teardrop nose concave aids in speed control during noseriding, making it a well-rounded board for various surfing styles.

5. What are the key features that differentiate the Diamond Drive 2.0 from other surfboards in the Harley Ingleby series?

The Diamond Drive 2.0 stands out with its balanced plan shape and light teardrop nose concave, which are designed for speed control and versatility. It retains the same rocker and bottom shape as the original Diamond Drive, with subtle changes that improve its all-around performance.

6. How does the Diamond Drive 2.0 handle noseriding and speed control?

The Diamond Drive 2.0's light teardrop nose concave is specifically designed to enhance noseriding and speed control. This feature helps to lock the board in place when on the nose and provides a smoother ride, allowing for better control of the board's speed across different sections of the wave.

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