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Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive 2.0

Diamond Drive 2.0

The Diamond Drive is Harley Inglebys all-around performance longboard, designed to thrive in waist-high to well overhead point break waves. The boards three-stage rocker supports extended noserides, progressive turns, and controlled pocket and barrel rides.
  • Can be ridden by surfers of all levels, but is designed for intermediate+ surfers who are looking for a board that supports a varied spectrum of performance surfing.
  • The Diamond Drive comes in Thunderbolt Technology, which not only improves flex and performance, but also makes the board stronger and less likely to break, which means it can be surfed in barrels with confidence. 
    We do custom orders. Email Us or Text Us, we can get you dialed in. 
    • LONGBOARDS (2)
    • DIAMOND DRIVE 2.0 (2)
    • 61L - 65L (2)
    • 76L - 80L (2)
    • 9'0" - 9'11" (2)