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The Lost and Found Collection



 Special Guests - Larry Bertlemann / Randy Rarick / Shirley Rogers / Mark Liddel / Jock Sutherland / Dennis Pang / Kalai Ahuna (lifeguard) / Lynne Boyer / Reno Abellira / Blanche Benson / Becky Benson / John Jones / Betty Depolito

When: Friday, July 29th

Where: Ward and Auahi In front of First Hawaiian Bank Parking Lot

Rainbow Drive Throw Back Price menu and other items

Surfing and art have always gone hand in hand, and Hawaiian South Shore has long enjoyed supporting the creative minds in our community. On July 29, 2016, we will be hosting a special event featuring the work of Doug Walker, who has been working for years on the Lost & Found Collection. A lifelong surfer searching for a new creative outlet to restart his stoke, Doug discovered a collection of old surf negatives at the Rose Bowl flea market and was blown away by the images that he saw when he held them up to the light. For the next three years, he traveled the world with his camera, searching out the photographers and surfers who had worked together to create those images. What began as a documentary film project has grown into an entire movement that also includes a book, a brand, and a desire to give back. Beneath it all is a desire to reconnect us with our surfing roots, and to remind us what it means to be “100% human. Doug will join the Hawaiian South Shore ohana for a special night of photos, film, stories, and more—and joining him will be surf and photography legends Randy Rarick, Lynne Boyer, Jock Sutherland, Larry Bertlemann, Mark Liddell, Bobby Owens, Becky Benson, Blanche Benson, Reno Abbillera, Denis Pang, Shirley Rogers, John Jones and Betty Depolito. The amount of history that will be present that night, both through the Lost & Found Collection and the celebrated attendees is more than enough reason to come out, but we figure there’s no reason to stop there. The evening will also include a slide show, films by Col Albert Benson, a raffle for a custom-made board by Reno Abillerra, and a hard cover book release. Whether you are a history buff, an aging beach boy waxing nostalgic for the good old days, or a young grom looking for a touch of stoke to break the summertime doldrums, this promises to be an evening to remember. Raffle Tickets for the Handshaped Reno Abellira 7’ will be available in advance.

RENO ABELLIRA a handshaped special board that we will raffle off on JULY 29 @hwnsouthshore ⚡️Share and enjoy the ALOHA!! #legend #shaper #hawaiii #aloha #history #book #giveaway RENO ABELLIRA is a hand-shaped special board.