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The Peak of Carbon Fiber Performance with JS Surfboards’ Carbotune

The CarboTune Construction by JS Surfboards

JS Surfboards is at it again, announcing the release of a new carbon fiber-based board construction process. “Carbotune” promises to revolutionize the surfboard industry, providing the ideal weight/flex ratio of carbon fiber at an affordable price, combined with next-generation epoxy resin that is engineered to work specifically with carbon fiber.

The SubXero in Carbotune Construction 

The Carbotune process starts with a stringerless EPS blank, which is widely considered the industry standard for vacuum-laminated epoxy boards. Once shaped, the blanks are vacuum-bag laminated with specially designed sheets of carbon fiber that take into account specific angles and weight of the cloth fibers. The next-generation epoxy that JS has been refining is designed to work specifically with carbon fiber, providing maximum strength and durability, without compromising flex characteristics. The new, carbon fiber-specific epoxy also protects against UV rays, helping to prevent discoloration.

The Carbotune Construction

Finally, a clear automotive coat is applied to the boards to seal in the various layers and ensure the board is as watertight as possible.

The result is the highest-tech carbon fiber board construction process on the market—and one that comes in at a lower price point than other carbon fiber boards, due to JS’s in-house R&D process and specially engineered materials.

The Carbotune Construction Surfboards

CarboTune Key Features

Ultralight Weight - Optimized carbon layout for effortless speed and projection

Superior Flex - Strategic fiber angles create ideal flex for maneuverability  

Maximum Strength - Premium materials provide resilience to withstand hardcore surfing

UV Protection - Specialized epoxy prevents fading, yellowing, and damage

If you love JS boards and the HyFi construction, but want to take it to the next level with carbon fiber, Carbotune is the answer!