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The Pukas Twin + 1 Fin Set from Legendary European Shaper Axel Lorentz

The Pukas Twin + 1 Fin Set


While Axel Lorentz isn’t a household name here in the US and Hawaii, he has been making some of the best-performing boards in Europe for years. Part of the Pukas team, Lorentz has redefined big wave performance with boards for team riders such as Natxo Gonzalez and Grant “Twiggy” Baker, and his small-wave performance DARK design he was runner up in the recent Stab in the Dark contest.

The Pukas Twin + 1 Fin Set from Legendary European Shaper Alex Lorentz

With such an impressive surfboard design pedigree, it was only a matter of time before Lorentz’ fin designs began to attract global attention, and one of those fin sets has really been catching our eye here at Hawaiian South Shore. It’s no secret that we are big fans of twin fins and twin + 1 setups, and Lorentz’ Pukas Twin + 1 set is a great example. Built out of fiberglass for added weight and reduced flexibility, these fins are built to go fast and carve huge turns. But at the same time, they are designed to provide a bit of extra control to your modern performance twin or hybrid shortboard, with a smaller center fin that allows for more pivot off the bottom without completely sacrificing the classic twin fin speed.

Whether ridden as a twin fin setup or a twin + 1, this is a great option for the twin fin traditionalist who loves the loose, skatey feel of a twin, but who wants a touch more control for big, modern maneuvers. Many of the top pros today are spending a lot of time on twin fins, and the trickle-down effect of that trend has exposed a lot of everyman surfers to the speed and joy of twins. If you are looking for the perfect compromise between the classic twin experience and modern high-performance surfing, the Pukas Twin + 1 is a great option.