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Three New Lost Tapes Episodes As We Wait For Teahupoo To Start

The world tour is finally in Tahiti, and the final event of the season is ready to kick off at Teahupoo.

Unfortunately, a lack of swell and weird local winds have resulted in a week of lay days, and it’s still uncertain when the event might start. There is swell today and tomorrow, but the wind looks weird, so we are currently on hold and awaiting the call.

In the meantime, there are three new Kelly Slater Lost Tapes films to help satisfy our hunger for world tour action. In episode 8, Golden Opportunity, Slater travels with team USA to Miyazaki, Japan, for the first time since 1990, to compete for a spot at the Olympics.

Video Credit to WSL YouTube 

The free surfs and competition give him an opportunity to reminisce on his past visits to the area.

Then, in episode 9, The Perfect Wave, Slater returns to the wave he designed in Lemoore, California, for the Surf Ranch Pro, where he is both host and competitor.

 Video Credit to WSL YouTube 

Finally, in this week’s release, The Old World, the tour heads to Europe, where Slater reconnects with one of his oldest and closest friends Stephen “Belly” Bell, who was retiring from his job as tour manager at the end of the season.

Video Credit to WSL YouTube 


After disappointing results in both France and Portugal, Slater also takes a moment to consider how much longer his career will last.

Check out the two new episodes of Lost Tapes and get ramped up for the Outerknown Teahupoo, which could start anytime!

Will Kelly Slater take yet another win at his pet event? Or will Jack Robinson continue his heavy water dominance and move into first place on the ratings as the season ends and the top five head to the championship event at Trestles? We will find out soon!