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Thunderbolt & Firewire Surfboards Price Increase 2021

Thunderbolt & Firewire Surfboards Price Increase

Thunderbolt & Firewire Surfboards Price Increase 2021

As most of you know, the global supply chain has been an absolute mess over the past year, between the COVID-19 pandemic, material shortages, the Suez Canal blockage, and huge backlogs in deliveries. Not only has this resulted in a shortage of finished products such as surfboards and other gear, but it has also affected the companies producing that gear, since raw materials have been in short supply. At the same time, super low interest rates and numerous rounds of government stimulus has seen the economy doing much better than expected, but the downside of that is that inflation is starting to creep up.

As you can imagine, between material shortages and inflation, the price of raw goods has been rising, which is making surfboard construction more expensive. This holds true across the industry, so it鈥檚 only normal to see rising prices in finished surfboards from a number of different brands. Being one of the largest surfboard companies in the world with a huge production base, Firewire is one of the first brands to feel these price increases and has announced that Firewire and Thunderbolt board prices will be rising on October 15 to make up for the elevated costs of production.

While this is bad news for surfboard consumers, the good news is that Firewire gave us early warning about this and gave us the go-ahead to spread the word to our Hawaiian South Shore family. If you were planning on picking up a Firewire聽or Thunderbolt board in anticipation of the coming winter season, now is the time to do it!

Get your boards locked in before October 15 and you can save a few bucks for a new wetsuit or deckpad for your board! Stop by Hawaiian South Shore in early October and we will get you dialed in before prices go up!