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Too Much Fun on Rob Machado’s New “Too Fish”

Ready to ride the waves with the Firewire Too Fish?

Rob Machado

Model: Firewire Too Fish. An updated retro fish from style master Rob Machado.

Ability: Anyone who wants to go fast and have fun on a classic fish.

Type of waves: Waist- to head-high waves.

Fin setup: Twin fin boxes

Construction: Firewire Helium

Size Range: 

5'2 X 20 5/16 X 2 1/4 X V27.8
5'3 X 20 1/2 X 2 1/4 X V28.5
5'4 X 20 11/16 X 2 5/16 X V30
5'5 X 20 7/8 X 2 3/8 X V31.6
5'7 X 21 5/16 X 2 1/2 X V34.9
5'8 X 21 9/16 X 2 9/16 X V35
Rob Machado Sufboard


The Too Fish is Rob Machado’s most recent update to his retro fish design. Preserving the outline and rails of the original GO Fish, the Too Fish replaces the tricky channel on the original bottom contour with a more user-friendly single to double concave exiting between the fins, as well as a touch of vee in the tips of the tail. The result is a more user-friendly, maneuverable ride, but without sacrificing the classic retro fish flow

When it comes to speed and flow down the line, there aren’t many in the business who do it better than Rob Machado. And when it comes to boards that provide this speed and flow, the fish has always reigned supreme. Thus, it should come as no surprise that when Rob Machado started designing boards, one of his first shapes was a retro fish.


The GO Fish has been updated for 2023 in a new model called the Too Fish, which provides even more flow and a smoother ride—trademarks of Rob’s approach in the water and in life in general. The same outline has been preserved, but the bottom contours have been smoothed out, with the channel on the bottom removed and replaced with a more forgiving single to double concave. A bit of vee has been added to the tips of the tail, providing a little bit of extra lift and enabling the board to transition from rail to rail more easily. The result is a fast, fun fish that flies down the line, but with a bit more control and maneuverability. It’s a retro fish with modern performance—the best of both worlds.

New Surfboard: Too Much Fun on Rob Machado’s New “Too Fish” at Hawaiian South Shore

Too Fish Insights: 

1. Speed and Trustworthy Performance in Steep Surf:
The Too Fish excels in steep surf conditions, showcasing exceptional speed and reliability. Its design enables it to thrive in the pocket, delivering a heightened level of bite compared to the Seaside model. With a wider tail, the Too Fish effortlessly generates speed down the line while maintaining control and engaging the rail effectively. These attributes make it a preferred choice for surfers looking to ride at their true shortboard liters.

2. Versatility in Upsizing:
For surfers considering sizing up their board (2-4L above their usual selection), the Too Fish shines as one of the best options available. Its sweet spot expands, reducing the criticality of foot placement, enabling surfers to ride more forward on the board. Despite the increase in size, the Too Fish remains maneuverable and allows surfers to surf with confidence in steeper sections. This model competes with and even surpasses the performance of other popular boards like the Sweet Potato, SUN, and SAB, while providing enhanced glide.

3. Accessorizing Recommendations:

a) RM Keels: Ideal for the Too Fish, RM Keels provide excellent drive and maneuverability across all board sizes. They offer exceptional performance, allowing surfers to execute vertical maneuvers effortlessly while maintaining control.

b) Kelly Twin+2: These fins work well with the Too Fish, particularly on smaller-sized boards. They provide stability and prevent sliding, allowing surfers to confidently push their performance boundaries. Surfers in the 5'0-5'4 range may benefit from using upright fins, as they facilitate cracking the lip and deliver a satisfying surfing experience.

c) Go Pad: It is recommended to position the pad far enough back to align with the sweet spot, ensuring your feet are placed correctly over the fins. The Go Pad is an ideal choice for the Too Fish, requiring only minor adjustments to optimize performance.

Firewire Too Fish Surfboard

The Too Fish by Firewire Surfboards offers a range of performance advantages, making it an excellent choice for surfers

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