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The Difference Between Firewire’s LFT and Helium With Rob Machado

Firewire is known for leading the surf industry in terms of modern, high-tech board construction, and recently they have added a number of different construction options to their boards. Two of the most popular—LFT and Helium—provide similar all-around benefits such as light weight and durability, but also have their own specific advantages, depending what you are looking to do on your board.

Rob Machado has been designing boards for Firewire for the past few years, and has a lot of experience on both types of construction. He recently did a little video to explain the difference between the two, and what conditions each thrives in.


LFT construction

The LFT construction has durable deck skin and controls flex down center, with high-density foam from nose to tail,” says Rob. “Helium also has a durable deck skin, but controls flex in the rails through a mix of paulownia and balsa wood.

He continues to explain that “Helium is light and lively, and great for generating speed in weak waves. LFT is still light, but a little more drivey and solid, and great for controlling speed in better waves.


Helium Technology Firewire Surfboards

Each Helium shape is cut from the lightest foam blank in our stable – just .8 pounds, combined with a brand- new rail we crafted for Helium, using both Paulownia wood from our Timbertek boards and balsa wood from our FST boards.

It’s all wrapped in a brand new deckskin material we’re introducing for the first time.

Helium Technology Firewire

1 – Entropy Bio-Resin Throughout
2 – High density Aerospace Composite Deckskin
3 – Top & Bottom Deck Sandwich Cloth
4 – Parabolic Balsa & Paulownia Wood Rails
5 – 0.8 lb EPS Core





LFT incorporates Firewire’s SPRINGER HD, a 0.75” (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in our SPRINGER technology.

The SPRINGER HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.



1 – Entropy Bio-Resin Throughout
2 – 1mm Ultralight High Compression Deckskin
3 – Top Deck Sandwich Cloth
4 – Aerospace Composite Springer
5 – 1.5 lb EPS Core



As you can see, both are great options, and will provide life, durability, and snap to your board. But if you know what style of waves you will be riding the board in, it might be worth choosing the construction style that fits that type of wave best. Listen to Rob Machado and shred!




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