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Treat Your Feet To An At-Home Massage


David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore
Treat Your Feet To An At-Home Massage


We’ve been lucky this summer to have a few swells. Boy last year the surf was pretty bad. After surfing for several days in a row, my feet started to bother me. I think my feet really ache me most times because I’m flat footed. Also, often times when I work for several days on my feet, I do feel it. When I get that feeling of needing a massage, and I don’t have the time to go, I use my foot roller massage.

Actually, I’ve had this machine for over 15 years now. I think maybe it’s closer to 20. I picked it up at the Shirokiya in Pearl Ridge. Anyway, I remember when I was getting it my wife said, “It would be best to spend the extra money so we have something we can use for many years.” Boy was she right again. I use this thing at least three times a week.

Usually before I go to sleep, and to be honest, I also use it while I’m brushing my teeth… haha. It really helps me relax at night and I can get a good night sleep. I concentrate my time on the area where the bottom of my foot hurts the most.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting one, I highly recommend it. Don’t be a cheapskate, get one that is well built and a brand name. It will last you for years to come. I’m not sure of all the benefits of using the foot massager, so I googled it and read several lists, and the one below caught my attention.

Benefits of a Foot Massage source: While you are soothing your aching feet with a massage, you are also helping to improve circulation. Research has shown that massaging your feet for 10 minutes a day can dramatically improve blood flow to your lower extremities. Not only is this especially important for people with diabetes, but it can also help to improve the appearance of varicose veins. You also get the benefit of improved heart health with better circulation. Regular foot massage can also help to lower high blood pressure that is often caused by stress and tension. A Danish research study found that a short foot massage three times a week was effective at reducing high blood pressure and treating migraine headaches.


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