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Understanding FCS’s Fin Families

Understanding FCS’s Fin Families


Understanding FCS’s Fin Families

FCS has been a leader in the removable fin industry for decades, and each year they find new ways to evolve their lineup of products. Here at Hawaiian South Shore we have a large stock of FCS fins, including the four different FCS families: Performer, Carver, Reactor, and Accelerator. Each of these families of fins is designed for different styles of surfing, different types of waves, and different types of boards.

The Performer Family is a series of great, all-around fins that have an inside foil for a bit more squirt through turns and pumps. Meanwhile, The Carver Family of fins is built for powerful, down-the-line waves such as you’d find on the North Shore. The Reactor Family is more of an upright model, for more pivot on an up-and-down type of wave, while The Accelerator Family is similar to the Performer family in that it is a good all-around series of fins, but with a bit more speed and flat inside foil for a more consistent ride.


The four families each feature custom fins from different shapers and athletes who appreciate the specific styles of surfing. The Performer family, for example, features Jon Pyzel’s thruster setup, as well as a tri-fin set from Rusty. Meanwhile, the Carver family features the classic Al Merrick fin design, as well as custom sets from Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson. The Reactor family, meanwhile, has a couple of Matt Biolos (from …Lost) shapes, as well as a Sally Fitzgibbons model, while the Accelerator family has fins from Kolohe Andino and Felipe Toledo.

FCS also features a number of fin sets for quad and twin-fin setups. The Rob Machado quad set is super popular at the moment, while the Mark Richards twin fin set is a great option for fish and other twinnies. There is also a set of retro keels for those looking to add some soul to their slide.

Regardless of the type of surfing you do or the sort of board you ride, FCS has you covered with a wide variety of fin templates and designs!


Some of the frequently questions asked about the FCS Fins, answered here!

Can FCS I fins be used with the FCS II fin system?

Yes, FCS I fins can be used with the FCS II fin system. While not all fin systems are compatible, FCS II fin boxes have been designed to work with FCS I fins by using a compatibility kit. This means that your favorite FCS I fins don't have to be left unused in the back of your shed. With the compatibility kit, it is quick and easy to adapt your FCS I fins to the FCS II fin system, allowing you to experiment with different configurations and fin styles based on the conditions of the water. So, you can confidently use your existing FCS I fins with the FCS II fin system without any hassle.

How versatile are FCS surfboard fins for diverse conditions?

FCS surfboard fins are highly versatile, catering to a wide range of wave conditions. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and use of advanced technologies have led to the creation of fins that are not only durable and efficient but also remarkably adaptable to different board types. With their user-friendly FCS II system, the process of installing and removing fins has been simplified, allowing riders to effortlessly customize their equipment to suit their every need.

What is the quality and innovation behind FCS surfboard fins?

The implementation of Inside Foil Technology (IFT) has revolutionized FCS fins, enhancing their performance and efficiency. This innovation optimizes the hydrodynamic flow of water around the fin, resulting in improved speed, maneuverability, and overall board control. By carefully sculpting the fin's internal shape, IFT contributes to a more streamlined design and maximized performance in various surfing conditions.

What are the advantages of FCS fins?

People often inquire about the benefits of choosing FCS fins over other types. The advantages include easy and quick installation, a wide choice of compatible fins, and affordability. However, it's noted that they are less resistant than Futures fins and there's a risk of breaking the board in the event of a fin breakage. 

How do FCS fins work?

Questions about the operational mechanism of FCS fins are common. The FCS system uses screwed inserts fixed under the board, into which the fins clip. The original FCS or FCS I system involves classic screw fixing, where each fin has two small tabs inserted into notches on the board. The FCS II system, launched in 2013, allows for clipping of the fins without screws, using an ingenious locking system for maintenance

What factors should be considered when choosing FCS fins?

Surfers often ask about the criteria for selecting the right FCS fins for their board. Factors to consider include surfing style, performance level, budget, and personal preferences. It's important to think about the type of waves you'll be surfing and the desired sensations from your board. Testing boards equipped with both FCS and Futures systems and getting advice from experienced surfers or surf shops can help in making a personalized recommendation

Are FCS fins compatible with all surfboards?

Compatibility questions are common, especially from surfers looking to upgrade or change their fin systems. While FCS fins are designed to be versatile, the compatibility largely depends on the fin boxes installed on the surfboard. FCS fins are compatible with boards that have FCS fin boxes, and with the use of a compatibility kit, FCS I fins can be used in FCS II boxes[

How do I install FCS fins?

Instructions for installing FCS fins are sought after by those new to the system or looking to switch from another fin type. For FCS I fins, the process involves inserting the fins into the notches on the board and securing them with screws. FCS II fins can be installed without screws by simply snapping the fins into place, making the process quicker and easier

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