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Viscus Wax Alternative

Viscus Wax Alternative

viscus wax pad surfing accessories

Surf wax has been an integral part of the surf experience for half a century, and for the most part, it works great. It’s the reason we can stick to our boards, maneuver them, do airs, get barreled—pretty much do everything that we have dreamt up so far on a surfboard. But in Hawaii, wax can be a real pain in the neck. Because the water is so warm here, even the hardest tropical waxes tend to melt off eventually, which means having to re-wax pretty much every time we paddle out. Plus, there’s the pollution that we are causing in the ocean with our wax, which is a bummer for everybody. And don’t even think about leaving your boards inside your car on a sunny day—there will be wax everywhere except on the deck of your surfboard, where it’s supposed to be!


Fortunately, the guys over at Viscus have come up with a solution—surf wax deck pads made from tree sap! These aren't deck pads like what we use for the back foot—those don’t work so well for the front foot, as they create terrible rash if you surf without a wetsuit, and tend to tear up your neoprene if you do wear a suit. Instead, this is a plastic sheet with an adhesive on it that feels just like wax, but doesn’t melt! In fact, it’s actually a little bit more adhesive than wax but still feels natural, just like you used real wax on your board.


Viscus has created an adhesive sheet specifically for warm water as we have here in Hawaii, and it lasts six to eight months—way longer than a normal bar of wax! Eventually, there will be a little bit of wear, but the plastic sheet is easy to remove, which makes it convenient to replace. In fact, when you remove the adhesive sheet, there isn’t even any residue or stickiness on your board! The bumps will never melt, and feel better as you break them in. They get stickier when wet, and don’t make a mess in your car.


The best part is that this product is brand new! It isn’t in any shops yet—but that’s about to change. Hawaiian South Shore will start stocking this new wax alternative immediately, making it one of the first places on the planet you can get ahold of it!


Stop worrying about dirty wax, messy board bags, and ruined car seats—go alternative, save yourself a headache, and save the environment at the same time.

 See the video below on how to use the wax pad on your board: