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What is the Lost Carbon Wrap?

…LOST Carbon Wrap Technology …LOST surfboards have long been at the forefront of progress, but now they have taken an even bigger step into the future. The carbon wrap technology available on most boards is a patented surfboard technology that improves flex and performance, making boards snappier and more responsive. The idea originated with Gold Coast designer Dan MacDonald, and leads to lightweight boards that don’t sacrifice strength. It eliminates the need for a wooden stringer, and leads to advanced flex characteristics that make the board feel more alive. The carbon wraps from the bottom, along the rails onto the deck, and creates a rear foot power point. The carbon strips are strategically placed for optimum strength and drive, but avoid crossing the deck under the front foot, thereby allowing the deck to cave slightly and provide that familiar front foot indention. Because the carbon is tapered into long, narrow ends, the flex bends out naturally towards the tail and the nose, giving the board more snap. Flex has always been the holy grail of surfboards, and figuring out how to configure it properly is the difference between a magic board and a normal one. …Lost has cracked the code with its carbon wrap technology, so there is no reason why your next board—and every board—can’t be magic.   If you want to see what we have in stock click here...we get stock in often but usually pre-sale most by they time they come in. So if you are serious about getting a Lost Carbon Wrap call us 808-597-9055 or email us - David