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What It Takes to Create a Skin-Safe, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Sunscreen

 Real Sun Cover 

When it comes to modern sun protection, there are three main aspects that need to be considered—adequate protection from the damaging and often dangerous UVA and UVB rays, a formula that contains no harmful chemicals that can affect your body, and environmental sustainability. In other words, you need an effective sunscreen made from natural ingredients that are good for both your skin and the ocean.

Real Sun Cover Suncreen By Hawaiian South Shore

This is exactly what Real Sun Cover  offers, which is why we are so excited about this sunscreen formula. Made with only four ingredients (non-nano zinc oxide, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cocoa powder, and organic beeswax), this formula is as natural as they come. In fact, if it weren’t for the zinc, you could literally eat it! What is incredible is that these wholesome, natural, organic ingredients actually form an extremely effective sunscreen that offers comprehensive protection and meets the FDA’s two-year shelf life requirement. In fact, zinc oxide never becomes ineffective, which means that this formula can pretty much sit in your bathroom cupboard for years and still be an effective block against harmful UV rays.

Because the ingredients in Real Sun Cover are natural and biodegradable, the sunscreen does not have any adverse effects for the environment. It is ocean and reef safe, and has no petrochemicals that endanger sea life or damage the earth during messy drilling and extraction operations.

Real Sun Cover sunscreen provides 30 SPF protection, which actually blocks

96.7 percent of UV absorption. And the cocoa and vanilla products meet the FDA’s Very Water Resistant standard of 80% SPF preservation after 80 minutes in the water. This makes Real Sun Cover a super effective, long-lasting sunscreen that doesn’t damage your skin with nasty petrochemicals. And due to the topical nature of the zinc oxide, you don’t have to reapply as often as with other sunscreens. In fact, you may find that our sunscreen won’t come off until you intentionally clean it off after use!

Zinc oxide has the broadest UV spectrum of all sunscreen ingredients—far more than petrochemical ingredients—and just as importantly, does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. It sits on top of your skin, protecting you from direct UV rays. Zinc oxide actually absorbs light in the UV spectrum through a process called band-gap absorption, then turns it into harmless infrared light, which is disposed of as heat. This is an advantage over sunscreens with titanium dioxide as an active ingredient, as titanium dioxide doesn’t convert absorbed UV light as easily into heat, so it dumps the UV light into nearby electrons, creating free radicals that can be harmful for the body and expedite the aging process.

The zinc oxide that we use is non-nano, which means that although we use micron-sized particles, we don’t use nano-sized or micronized particles, which some researchers theorize may cross the skin into the bloodstream. While there is still no definitive evidence that nano-sized and micronized can cross into the bloodstream, we always like to play it safe, so we eliminated the possibility of that happening altogether!

Ultimately, sunscreen should be about keeping your body safe—not just keeping it safe from sun, but from any potentially harmful chemicals. And in order to keep your body safe, it is also necessary to keep the environment safe, since that’s where your body spends all of its time! When we developed this sunscreen formula, we set out to create a product that was effective, safe for humans, and good for the earth—and that’s exactly what we did. Who would have thought that zinc oxide and three common food products could be the solution to the problem of sunburn!


Real Sun Cover Suncreen by Hawaiian South Shore