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Black Sheep Carbon Fiber Construction from …Lost

Black Sheep Built

Matt Biolos on Black Sheep Built Surfboards


…Lost has always been the black sheep of the surfboard industry, intentionally going against the grain to create boards that are fun and functional, rather than trendy. Ironically, that “no cares given” approach and commitment to boards that ride as well as they look has led to …Lost being one of the trendiest and most popular board brands on the market.

Black Sheep Built Surfboards by LOST

But Matt Biolos’ committed following of world-class team riders and loyal customers hasn’t made him any less of a black sheep, which is why …Lost’s latest board construction process is called exactly that: Black Sheep.

Boards build with the Black Sheep process start with a 1.5-pound virgin EPS blank, which is topped with a layer of Triax-NFC (no crimp fiber), which is a high quality, multi-directional carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is layered only on the deck, and then sandwiched between four-oz D fiberglass on both the deck and bottom. The unwoven, non-crimping fibers of the carbon fiber provide a more natural flex serve as a lively “stringer” that gives the board flex memory and a lot of snap through turns. The lack of woven fibers also eliminates 90-degree, rail-to-rail carbon, which helps prevent weak points and fissures. The carbon on the deck also distributes the pressure from the surfer’s feet out toward the rail, creating a more responsive board with greater drive, stability, and control.

Black Sheep LOST

Like all carbon fiber boards, those made with the Black Sheep process are susceptible to overheating if they are left out in the sun, due to the black color of the carbon fiber. This extreme overheating can damage the board, causing bubbles and delamination. If you are going to invest in a high-quality, high-tech board, you should so with the intention of treating it right and ensuring that it stays as strong as possible for as long as possible. Keep your board in a reflective board bag whenever it is not being used and do your best to keep it out of the sun. Don’t leave it in the car or out on the beach under direct sunlight. If the board gets dinged, dry it out before repairing and ensure that an expert in carbon repair gets it back into good working order. If you take care of your Black Sheep board, it will remain strong, durable, and responsive for years.

Lost Surfboards