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…Lost’s C4 Board Construction

…Lost’s C4 Board Construction

…Lost’s C4 Board Construction

Along with a wide variety of fun, creative shapes, Matt Biolos and the team at …Lost  have revolutionized the surfboard industry with their C4 construction process.

C4 boards are built with sustainably harvested cork that adds extra strength and dampens wind chatter and high-speed vibrations, yet maintains the lightweight feel of a modern shortboard.


These composite boards use a 1.5-pound EPS foam core wrapped with the harvested cork and layers of fiberglass, adding tensile strength to the deck without creating the flicky feel that a lot of epoxy boards suffer from. The best part is that cork is harvested from live trees that are not chopped down, so it’s a fully green, sustainable material.

C4 construction is available on a number of …Lost models, including the RNF and the Sabotaj. We have stocked numerous …Lost models in C4 construction here at Hawaiian South Shore, and have had a number of regular customers test them out. A few guys in the solid 200-pound range have been riding C4 boards for years and hardly put a pressure ding in their decks, which just goes to show how strong these boards are.


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