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The Strange History of the …Lost Rocket, and the Inevitable Dominance of the Rocket Redux Carbon Wrap

The Strange History of the …Lost Rocket, and the Inevitable

There are few board designs that have stranger stories than the …Lost Rocket. Back in the mid-2000s, Shane Beschen needed a board for his mini-grom Noah, and together with fellow …Lost pro surfer and shaper Noah Budroe scraped a broken blank into a straight-railed, low-entry rocker, wide-tailed, super-concaved speed demon. But then Shane ended up borrowing the board from his son, and found that the thing went ballistic. He brought the design to …Lost, where the design team tweaked it a bit and created what came to be called the Rocket—one of the most popular boards of the late 2000s. The Rocket featured heavily in …Lost’s film 5'5" Redux, being ripped to pieces by half of the film’s cast, and soon the board was selling like hotcakes.

Now …Lost has taken the Rocket and refined it even further with the …Lost Rocket Redux. Staying true to the original Rocket shape, with its straight rails, deep concave, and hooked diamond tail, the Redux tweaks the outline and rails slightly to provide a more modern, high-performance twist on the classic groveler. To super-modernize the board, it has also been equipped with the patented …Lost Carbon Wrap, which replaces the traditional center, wooden stringer with curved carbon fiber bands on the bottom of the board that comes together at the nose, then gradually bends toward the rails, eventually wrapping onto the tail block of the deck. This advanced technology from Gold Coast designer Dan MacDonald provides enhanced flex characteristics for a livelier, more responsive feel, actively loading and releasing through turns for next-generation speed and drive. At the same time, it provides more power and snap off the back foot, and prevents denting of the deck near the tail.

This futuristic, lightweight construction is powered by optically brightened epoxy resin for the best in strength, durability, and aesthetics. More than a decade after the original was created, the …Lost Rocket Redux Carbon Wrap continues to evolve and elevate the art of high-performance groveling.

And now, a new version of Rocket Redux made by Lib x Lost is coming soon. Check it out!


For our Lib x ...lost Colab we have bumped up the width and volumes just a hint for extra speed and power in a wide variety of conditions including summer slop.

The Strange History of the …Lost Rocket, and the Inevitable