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Richard Peterson on Seaside & Beyond TimberTek Surfboard Review

Firewire SEASIDE & BEYOND Surfboard Review

Richard, a 75-year-old surfer, recently purchased a 6'10" Seaside and Beyond surfboard by Firewire on Timber Tek construction. He needed a shorter board with a lot of volume and found that the Seaside and Beyond fit the bill perfectly.

Richard was blown away by how easy it was to paddle on the Seaside and Beyond. The quad fins provided a lot of speed, which made catching waves a breeze. He also appreciated how much volume the board had, allowing him to stay afloat and stable even in choppy conditions.

Despite the board's smaller size, Richard found that it was still incredibly responsive and easy to turn. He was impressed with how quickly the board could pivot, allowing him to easily navigate through sections and stay in the pocket of the wave.

Overall, Richard was extremely pleased with his purchase of the Seaside and Beyond. He felt that it was the perfect combination of speed, stability, and maneuverability, and highly recommends it to other surfers looking for a shorter board with a lot of volume. The Timber Tek construction also gave him peace of mind, knowing that the board was strong, lightweight, and environmentally conscious.