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Waves of the North Shore Series 1 – Velzyland

Blog series for the best surf spots on  North Shore: Velzyland

This winter, Hawaiian South Shore will be presenting a series of blogs about the best surf spots on the North Shore, sharing a bit of their history, how they break, and what makes them tick. From small longboard waves to the original big wave spot—not to mention the deadliest barrel on the planet—the Seven-Mile Miracle has it all. Whether you are new to the Country or have surfed these waves your entire life, join us as we dive into the best spots on the North Shore.

Velzy Land

 Photo: Jeremiah Klein | Lead

Named by legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown after the equally legendary Dale Velzy, Velzyland (V-Land for short) has been called the best three-foot wave on the North Shore—and for good reason. Tucked inside of the outer reefs known as Phantoms and Revelations, across the channel from Backyards (north of Sunset), V-Land is a reform a-frame with a rippable left and a  hollow right that provides a roll-in to a sick little slab of a barrel. 

Dale Velzy

Photo: Hobiesurfshop

Rippable when its waist high and as hollow as you could ask once it’s over two feet, this is one of the most coveted waves on the island when the northern buoys are below that terrifying XL range. Not the biggest or longest tube on the North Shore (the wave is only a couple seconds long, and maxes out when it gets a bit overhead), V-Land is still the most crowded spot in the Country nine days out of 10, with groms, pros, and weekend warriors fighting for a few doses of fun when the rest of the breaks on the North Shore are either too small, too big, or too windy.

Velzy Land Surfing

Photo Courtesy:

V-Land breaks on just about any swell with north in it, from northwest to north winter swells, and even wraparound northeast trade wind swell during the summer. It has been the training ground for North Shore groms for decades, with household names like Dane Kealoha, Larry Bertlemann, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, and the entire Ho family (Mike, Derek, Mason, and Coco) cutting their teeth there over the years.

Velzy land

Photo courtesy: Hawaiianbeachrentals


While V-Land used to be a semi-protected local spot (back when the beach front land was an undeveloped thicket of keawe), it now has its own Surfline cam and can be easily accessed by the right-of-way trail at nearby Freddyland. That doesn’t make it any easier to score a set wave there, as the prohibitively dense crowd keeps all but the frothiest of groms away. But if you do luck into a double-up nugget, it’s about as pretty as a head-high barrel gets.


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