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Aloha Days Hand Sewn Sweater LTD. ED

Aloha Days Hand Sewn Sweater LTD. ED聽

Spread the warmth of Hawaii as you cruise around with family and friends in Aloha Days apparel.

You've just finished an amazing day of outdoor activity, whether it be surfing, hiking, fishing, or SUPing, and as the sun sets, a chill fills the air. You want to slip into something comfortable, but stylish enough to wear to dinner with friends later. That's where Aloha Days comes in.

Their locally sourced crew sweater and hoodie are the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. The Aloha fabric print adds a unique touch to each piece, with the locally sourced fabric then being hand-sewn onto the design. This process ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind, with subtle differences in the placement of the fabric adding to the uniqueness of each garment.

The Aloha Days crew sweater is designed with a stylish fit, set in sleeves, taped neck, and ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem. The hoodie, on the other hand, features a full zip and double fabric hood for added warmth on chilly North wind days. Both the crew sweater and hoodie are perfect for layering, ensuring that you're comfortable no matter the temperature.

But it's not just about the comfort and style of Aloha Days garments. Supporting local businesses and contributing to the sustainability of the island is also important. That's why each piece is not only locally designed and printed, but also hand-sewn using locally sourced materials. The result is a piece that not only looks great but also makes you feel good about your purchase.

So why not add a touch of Aloha to your wardrobe with an Aloha Days crew sweater or hoodie? The perfect addition to your post-adventure attire, these pieces are comfortable, stylish, and unique, making them perfect for a casual dinner with friends, talking about your day's outdoor activities.

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