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CJ Nelson Chameleon Surfboards

Chameleon Surfboards by  CJ Nelson 

The CHAMELEON is not just a surfboard; it's a declaration of freedom and versatility in the surfing world. With its innovative design and exceptional features, it stands ready to accompany you on any adventure, in any condition. Whether you're carving down the line, dancing on the nose, or simply enjoying the glide, the CHAMELEON by CJ Nelson Designs is your ticket to a surfing experience that knows no bounds. Embrace the future of longboarding with the CHAMELEON – where every wave is an opportunity, and every ride is a masterpiece.

  • Hybrid Design: A marvel of engineering, the CHAMELEON masterfully combines the graceful glide of a log with the sharp responsiveness of an HP board
  • Performance Rails & Rocker: Engineered for speed, agility, and precision, these features allow for dynamic maneuvers and effortless control, making every wave a new adventure.
  • Wide Nose: The thoughtfully designed wide nose ensures superior stability and balance, facilitating easier noserides and a forgiving ride for surfers of all skill levels.
  • Unique Tail Design: Tailored for excellence, the innovative tail shape guarantees smooth transitions and steadfast control at exhilarating speeds. 
  • 66L - 70L (1)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (1)