Longboard Surfing Champion and Surfboard Designer CJ Nelson has some interesting things to say about the OUTLIER.

The Outlier was designed to be a board that traditional longboarders could jump on and immediately understand how it moves. Traditional longboards get their speed from trimming in the center of the board, rather than pumping, and the Outlier was intended to do the same. You don’t need to pump the board to get speed, which provides that classy, traditional feel, even though it’s a shorter and more maneuverable board. It features a simple outline, and a rolled bottom into a flat tail, making it perfect for any level of surfer. Intermediate guys can surf really well on it, beginners can figure it out easily, and pros can do the best surfing of their life on it.

Not only is the Outlier a good transition from a long to a shorter board, but it is also a good transition for short boarders who want to get a bit more foam under their feet on small days, but don’t necessarily want to move all the way up to a longboard. CJ loves is on days on the points that are a little too small for his keel-fin fish, but bigger than he wants to ride on a log. But no matter what you ride it on, the board is a heck of a lot of fun. No wonder they call mid-lengths “funboards!” 



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