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FCS Freedom Helix Leash

The FCS Freedom Helix


The FCS Freedom Helix is the latest high-tech offering from one of surfing’s most innovative brands. Combining lightweight construction, increased strength, and environmental sustainability, this cutting-edge leash is an example of the benefits of introducing modern technology into surf hardware.

The Freedom Helix uses 50 percent corn-based bio-resin, which increases strength per diameter while decreasing environmental impact. This increased strength allows for a thinner, hollow skeletal horn structure in the cord that reduces both weight and drag. The cord also features a slightly textured bump that improves the leash’s hydrodynamics, further reducing drag. That, plus a streamlined cuff and titanium swivels, results in a super light, low-drag leash that is comfortable and fast.

Available in the ultralight Comp model, sturdy All Round model, and Longboard model, the FCS Freedom Helix represents the current apex of quality leash construction.

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