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Florence Marine X Rashguard

Florence Marine X Rash guard Now Available at Hawaiian South Shore

John John Florence, renowned for his exceptional surfing skills and achievements, including two world titles and Olympic participation, has extended his passion for water sports into creating Florence Marine X. This brand embodies his dedication to being an all-around waterman, engaging in activities like foil surfing, sailing, snowboarding, and paddling. Florence Marine X aims to support these diverse hobbies with products that are both utilitarian and durable, emphasizing environmental responsibility. The brand focuses on using recycled and organic materials to produce a range of clothing and gear, including board shorts and expedition tops. Additionally, it is committed to sustainable practices like planting mangrove forests and ensuring humane manufacturing conditions. Florence Marine X represents John John Florence's vision of enabling others to explore their passions in water sports while prioritizing the well-being of the environment and the people involved in the production process

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