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Kanoa Dahlin Fins

Kanoa Dahlin Longbaord Fins

Globetrotting surf legend Kanoa Dahlin had only one problem – his fins weren’t giving him the drive he knew that he was capable of. A North Shore native, Kanoa entered the pro surfing arena at just 21 years old. Although he has shredded the waters of over half the earth, he could not find a fin that fits both the riding condition and his style. So with the help of a few of his pro surfer friends, he took over the fin design scene himself.

“I’ve been really lucky to have all my peers surf my fins because it helped with the production and development. Everyone is different sizes, heights, surfs differently and uses different kinds of boards. With their help, we were able to create designs for these fins that work well for all these different surfers regardless of where we went in the world.” – Kanoa Dahlin

Imagine sitting in front of the lineup with your friends on dawn patrol some beautiful Saturday. The perfect wave comes, you pop up with stoke, but the ride is just mediocre. Maybe you couldn’t get the right stability for the turns or the drive wasn’t quite strong enough. Maybe your skills have outgrown your gear, and your current fin can’t provide the control that you know you can master. Maybe there is something holding you back from your best surf yet.

But no worries – you can change that. You can take charge just like Kanoa did and find the fin that matches your stoke. The Kanoa Dahlin fin line offers various models and sizes so you can customize a fin perfectly suited to your board and surfing conditions.

The original Pro fin combines a height that allows for great nose riding and stability, a rake that allows fierce carving and minimal tail slip, and a base that gives you a strong drive. Each model is based on this concept.

The thruster fin, K2D2, is universally solid while the cutaway fin, Offspring, has added base and rake for stability and quick maneuvers. Jr. Boy has reduced height and base with an added rake and a thinner lip to loosen up your longboard while amping up your nose riding ability.

Miss Lucy is designed as the intersection between a pivot nose riding and a carving fin so you can rip any wave with any maneuver. You choose the model, the size, the design.

So when you hook one of Kanoa’s fins into your board, you can finally own your surf. Pump through the most gnarly sections with ease, control the tightest carves, and pull aerials that you could never pull before. By your next morning session, your friends won’t be catching their own rides, they’ll be watching yours.