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CJ Nelson Designs MILO FISH

CJ Nelson Milo Surfboards

Discover the perfect blend of nostalgia and performance with the CJ Nelson Milo Surfboard, a masterful creation by renowned shaper Darius Gross. Inspired by CJ Nelson's cherished experiences and the iconic fish designs of the past, the Milo Surfboard is tailored for surfers seeking a seamless blend of old-school feel and modern agility.

Key Features

  • Sizes Available: 6'3" (41.2L), 6'6" (45L), 6'9" (49.9L)
  • Shape: Classic fish with a modern twist, featuring a flat deck and balanced outline
  • Construction Options: Available in Thunderbolt Black and Thunderbolt Red


  • Enhanced Paddling Power: Extra volume for effortless paddling and wave catching
  • Agility and Speed: Flat entry transitions to a double concave, ensuring quick response and smooth rail-to-rail transitions
  • Versatility: Performs well in a variety of wave conditions, from small to moderate surf
  • Ease of Use: Low rocker for stability and speed, making it an excellent choice for increasing wave count without extra effort
  • FISH (1)
  • MILO (1)
  • 41L - 45L (1)
  • 46L - 50L (1)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (1)