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Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!



The Shortboard Revolution was a time of innovation and change, as longboards had feet of foam cut off of them and performance was the main focus. Legendary surfers like Michael Peterson and Nat Young spent a lot of time experimenting with speed hulls, and the Outlier is a tribute to their pursuit and performance.

  • The belly (or roll) of a hull design is what makes it so fast down the line, but it also makes them difficult to control. 
  • CJ Nelson and shaper Ryan Engle have tweaked the Outlier with a number of modern design elements to make it a bit more surfable and user-friendly, without sacrificing that ever-important speed.
  • If you want to go faster than you’ve ever gone on and surfboard and approach turns from a completely new state of mind, it’s time to go full hull with the Outlier.

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