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TimberTek Technology Surfboards


Timbertek Technology Fiewire

The TIMBERTEK surfboards are just as impressive for their performance. The parabolic rail construction eliminates the need for a center stringer and instead moves the boards’ flex and life to the rails, where more torque and movement occurs. The result is a hyper-sensitive and maneuverable board that is stronger while at the same time being lighter—the holy grail of surfboard technology. The fact that it’s beautiful is just icing on the cake!


  • FIREWIRE (3)
  • SPECIAL T (1)
  • TJ PRO (2)
  • 56L - 60L (2)
  • 71L - 75L (1)
  • 76L - 80L (1)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (3)