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From Hawaiian South Shore Customers!
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these!

I've been buying boards from Dave at HSS for a long time now, I choose to get my boards from him because of the quality of boards hr brings in and I'm thoroughly enjoying my new JS Monsta Box, as well as my new Lost Puddle Fish.

Mahalo to Dave and his aweosme staff!


Love the board, but couldn’t get rail fins into their boxes. Brought back and HSS swapped it out for a new board. Then they waxed it up and gave me a steep discount on new gear I was buying. I love you guys. Thanks of much.


Loving it! Thanks so much for the great advice and feedback. The Puddle Jumper with the Libtech Construction surfs great and I know will last for years. I plan of making it a staple of my travel quiver, and using it at home on small days. 

Aloha and Mahalo.


Super stoked with the Redline! Easy to ride, easy to paddle, Perfect! Has made every session more enjoyable. Mahalo!

Howzit Dave! Ok, first of all this board was calling out to be from the rack (LOL) :) as I made my way towards it. I felt a good vibe one I laid my hands on her & was checking out the lines & shape. I am SOOO STOKED with my NEW BOARD & am loving’ it every day!

All da boyz want to know where I got it from & I tell’um from “HSS.” Go see Dave & his outstanding friendly knowledgeable staff.

P.S. Mahalo for the Gift Card.


I've ridden the 5'11" PJ five times in waist to head high conditions at Canoes + White Plains. I'm 5'10", 175 lbs and it's the best board for these types of waves for me. I've only had it as a quad setup but it's fast and maintains speed. I can get into waves earlier than my 6'2" Schaper becayse of the thickness.

I definitely recommend this board because it catches waves like a funboard or fish, but turns like a shortboard.


I have been riding long baords for over 40 plus years. The Stewart Redline 11 is the "best" board I have ever ridden. This board is loose and fast. You can drive from the bottom to the top of the wave or into the sweet spot transitioning effortlessly and driving across the face of the wave. I have yet to uncover the full potential of the board. I will this board existed 40 years ago.


One of the best longboard I've ever owned!

Performed just as promised. Telling everyone to buy one.

Mahalo to HSS for bringing in such a great board. Thanks Kyle & Kelly.


Fits like a Glove and moves with my body. Most others wetsuits I've tried  was too restictive or so flimsy they didn't even keep you warm. This Strawhat Wetsuit is perfect for Diamond Head Dawn Patrolling. Thanks.



I love this wetsuit. Keeps me warm during early morning surding. Suit is comfortable and light. Ez paddle. Front zipper is ez to wear.


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