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The latest board would be the JS Blakbox HYG RP whih works really good in waves 3' and bigger, love it like all my other JS boards.  But my favorite go to board would be my Lost 5'6 Puddlefish, this board woks in all waves form 1' to 4' - Scott J.

Getting a board from Hawaiian South Shore was an incredible experience.  The board was for a wedding gift for a friend of mine.  Brett's expertise with a few simple questions got me the perfect board (JS Monsta Box).  My friend is having an absolute blast on his new surf board fast, light, and manuverable and also solid on the small days as well.  Mahalo to Brett and Hawaiian South Shore I will be getting my next board soon!!! --CJ

Psycho Nitro HYFI

Fun, Fast board and rode it both a quad and thruster.  With the extra volume in chest area and the flat rocker, it allows me to catch waves super easy.  It's a fast, reactive board and the swallowtail really loosens it up rail to rail.  It's a hybrid between afish and a swallowtail, easy to ride... I love it!  Thank you Hawaiian South Shore for being a local dealer for all the contemporary boards and fins! --Thanks Clyde



It paddles great, feels good on my feet with lots of flow & speed.  Once again, I’m really stoked! 

Money well spent! -Max


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