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Real Suncover Reviews


From Hawaiian South Shore Customers!
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these!

The RSC sunscreen is the best sunscreen I've ever used. It is very thick and provides epic sun protection. It's rather expensive so I only use it on my face, otherwise I would use it all over.


Best yet. Rating = 5/5

Better than the "sticks." Seriously, I have 2 unused "sticks" used during the summer - 1st time. Usually don't promote products but this is one I can recommend without hesitation. Not using anything else on the face/arms.聽

Would be in my bag on a surf trip.

Tried both the "tan and white" = Both work.

It's always in my truck - Don't leave home without it.
KEYPOINT: reapply after 2 hours in the water.


Not easy to apply, but you know it will stay on. The texture is thick - not like other brands, you know you are protected.


I like the product. Non-greasy and easy to apply. As well as better ingredients. I hope to see the price come down or an increase in size.


#1. Best thing = NOT GREASY
#2 = Great portection.
#3 = Small amount goes a long way.



The Real Sun Cover Sunscreen goes on easy, smells great, lasts a long time and helps prevent sunburns on sunny days (most notably, during a 6.5-hours, non-stop surf session).


Personally, when looking for a good sunblock I look for one that protects my facial skin聽and prevents it from burning and that doesn't run into my eyes.

When I first Tried RSC, I was open minded. Its smell wasn't bad, but I was impressed from the first try. It was blazing hot and I surfed at noon. The sunblock didn't break, it prevented burns on the face and cleaned off easily. I definitely recommend it, better than any other I tried (Vertra, Sun Bum,
Shiseido to name a few).


I've used a lot of different sunscreens, all kinds of brands. I like that it has zinc oxide in it, it goes on easily, stay on and it's not greasy. It smells nice and I like the fact that is organic. This is the best sunscreen thus far. I like that you can see that it's on you. Too bad it doesn't come in larger tubes.



The RSC Sunscreen is one of the best sunscreen products that I have ever used. I am confident it is better for my skin than other sunscreen products because of the quality of the ingredients they use. Also. I have used it mulitple times when I went surfing during peak times of the day and I have never had an issue of getting burnt. I am very pleased with my experience with RSC and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quality sunscreen product.


Super stoked to see聽the 聽All Natural SunScreen聽Real Suncover聽 was featured in the聽Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Just before this feature in the newspaper聽the scientists at USGS and Bigelow Laboratories sent us an email I pasted at the bottom.

Thank you very much everyone for the support, super stoked we able to give quality products that work. The reviews are what lets us know we are doing it right. We truly appreciate it.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser featured in the Today Section


Just a quick e-mail to once again say 鈥淭hank you for supporting the scientists at USGS and Bigelow Laboratories by providing reef safe sunblock!鈥.聽 A lot of people benefited from your generous donation!聽 There was a sailboat that arrived at Palmyra.聽 I ended up giving one of the sailors (Sam, owner of Sam鈥檚 Kitchen in Waikiki) one of the sunscreens for his 9 day sail back to Honolulu. He has a TV show and said that he would stop by Hawaiian South Shore and highlight your shop鈥t鈥檚 been a while I guess.
Everyone that I worked with ended up using the Real Sun Cover daily.聽 It worked really well, not one of us ended up getting burnt.聽 I was also pleasantly surprised that it did not clog my pores.聽 I鈥檓 really glad you gave me all four because I was able to get a real appreciation for all of them.聽 It seemed everyone liked using the sticks the best.聽 We were diving everyday, we are all super excited that it didn鈥檛 run into your eyes at all and even stayed on in between dives (impressive).聽 The consistency was nice and it was easy to apply.聽 I was worried about the cardboard holding up in such a wet environment so I kept them in a water tight bag, that seemed to do the trick for the most part.聽 The one with the cocoa was a favorite, I had lots of requests for that one (especially to apply on the lips).聽 The only one that people didn鈥檛 seem to like was the liquid one with a tint, it was a bit of mess on a white boat.
The research went well!聽 The plan is to go back again next year and do it all again.聽 The Real Sun Cover sticks will most definitely be on our supply list for next year.

Definitely we are stoked the sunscreen is working and people are happy.


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