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Straw Hat Reviews


From Hawaiian South Shore Customers!
Thank you all for your reviews!

True dat!  The best wetsuit top to date!  Best fitting at 5'4 tall, 178 1/2 lbs., 42" chest & belly(short &wide) finding a suit dat fits comfortably was hard.  I got a large short sleeve, fit like a glove!  Butter soft!  And smooth!  No arm restriction when paddling, no rash around my neck area, if any?  The warmest 2mm suit!  Keeps my core so warm no need for a spring suit anymore!  It actually keeps me out longer, I'm guessing I'm using less energy to stay warm, even with my natural blubber suit on.  And the weight of the suit feels da same through out my session.  Doesn't weigh me down like other suits, amazing!  Only con I can think of would be, if da suns out it can get a bit too hot!  Stupid!?? My Bad... I would recommend it to everyone! Jus like HSS said "BEST ON THE MARKET"! I'm a happy camper!  P.S. Tinking of trying the straw hat vest next.  Or even the FIREWIRE!!  --Stacy
I love this wetsuit.  Keep me warm early morning surfing.  Suit is comfortable and light.  EZ paddle.  Front zipper is EZ to wear it.  --Kaoru

Fits like a Glove and moves with my body. Most others wetsuits I've tried  was too restictive or so flimsy they didn't even keep you warm. This Strawhat Wetsuit is perfect for Diamond Head Dawn Patrolling. Thanks. -- Mark 

Comfort - fit - warmth sold me on my first Straw Hat Vest.  My long sleeve Straw Hat exhibits the same attributes.  Arm sleeve perfect length --Morris

I used my Strawhat 2mm wetsuit for the first time this past weekend on a really windy and chilly diamond head dawn patrol session.  It worked absolutely perfect.  Nice fit with no binding and great strength.  It kept mw warm till the sun came out. Thank you HSS ( Brett and Dave ) for always providing excellent service and bringing in the best products to the islands!!!  Super Stoked!!! --CJ 

This suit had the softest feel ever. Broken in feel from day one!
Super warm in the coldest wind and water.


I love my zipper-front, long-sleeve wetsuit top. It’s a little tight in the waist, but that’s more because I’m a little wise in the waist rather than any defect on the top. I also like to wear it w/ the zipper open if I get too warm while I’m out.



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