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Takayama Halo Fins Testimonials


From Hawaiian South Shore Customers!
Thank you taking the time to write these, guys!

I first got the Halo for my 10' board and could notice the difference right away. When I got my new 9' I had it set up as a 2+1 and got the Halo center fin along with the side bites.... the combo is great when I want a little more movement. The last set I bought was for my wife鈥檚 SUP. She is a beginner, but she said she noticed it was easier to handle for her. I have not tried the set up on her SUP yet, but I could tell from watching her she was doing better.
I have also suggested it to everyone who has looked at them on my boards.

The fins are great. Yes, I can feel a difference on the wave. It grabs very solid and easy to make turns. This is my first set of real fins. On my other boards, I left the plastic ones on. Big difference.

I used the halo quad set demo fins on my new 7'0" at Silva channels the other day and it worked well. I was able to take some late drops with no problem and turn hard at the bottom. The drive was there, but I noticed that I could snap the board at places on the wave that I couldn't with the regular fins.

It really has the snappiness of the pivot fin but also the drive with the wide base. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and went to Dave and purchased a set.

Mahalo South Shore for turning me on to the halo fins!

I first got the 4 戮鈥 Halo fins FCS thruster set in January 2010 for my birthday from my girlfriend. Since my surfboard is a Surf tech 7鈥6鈥 Donald Takayama Egg, I also needed an FCS box fin converter for my center fin. I surfed these fins for the first time at Diamond Head Cliffs to see how they would perform. Unfortunately, I went out on a low tide and accidently banged my center fin on the reef as I paddled out. I figured it just had a scratch on the center fin, but when I checked my board out in the line up my fin was missing and I was really bummed. So, for my surf session I had to ride my board as a twin fin. I noticed that my board had more speed and I was able to go rail to rail better than I have ever had with my original G5 fin setup.

The next week I ended up going to Hawaiian South Shore to buy the 4 戮鈥 box center fin to replace the 4 戮鈥 center fin that I had lost. This time I tested it out at Diamond Head Cliffs once again and not only did my board have great speed down the line and extra lift that my previous G5 fins did not do. Even if my back foot was not directly above the Halo fins, I still could turn great unlike my G5 fins. I have been surfing with my 7鈥6鈥 Surf tech Donald Takayama Egg for about 2 years and the biggest transformation of my surfing with the Halo fins is that for the first time ever I was able to go vertical which I have never done before and I was stoked! But once again at another surf session a Diamond Head Cliffs I lost a side fin when I hit the reef catching a wave in coming down on a low tide and I was bummed.

I called Hawaiian South Shore to see if they had a single side fin for sale and they did. Keith from Hawaiian South Shore put the fin on hold for me, so that my girlfriend could pick up the fin. When I got the fin and matched it up with my other side fin, it ended up not being the same exact size. I ended up taking the single side fin back to Hawaiian South Shore and asking Keith why the fin was not the same size as my fin and he said it was because the two fins were made at 2 different factories. Now I needed to buy a pair of side Halo fins and the only pairs that were available were the honey comb fiber glass Halo fins. I was just going to get the same size fins to match my 4 戮鈥 center fin, but Keith recommended that I should get the 4 1/2鈥 side fins because this would make the board looser or I could stick to 4 戮鈥 fins like I had previously if I liked it. I did like my original Halo fins setup, but since he said the 4 陆鈥 would loosen the board, I decided to go with his suggestion.

I tried my new setup at Ala Moana Courts and I liked this new setup better because I like how my board felt looser like Keith had said it would be. The waves were a solid 3 feet Hawaiian scale with some occasional bigger sets and my Halo fins worked unreal! The Halo fins have transformed my surfing abilities. The biggest thing was that I went vertical for the first time ever with these fins, but it also improved my bottom turns, cutbacks, carving, snapping, and just gave me more confidence and a big smile on my face. A lot of people ask how I like these fins and I tell them that they are the sickest fins ever! They have drastically improved my surfing and I have recommended to my friends and co-workers to go to Hawaiian South Shore to try the Halo fins because these fins work insane!


My board is a 6'3" Quad Fish from Rawson. Flat rocker, fast, but tough to turn.

Well first I went out in 4+ foot spot near Left Overs. The fins drove well and had plenty of speed off the bottom. I struggled a bit to turn off the top.

Felt good.

Then I went to Gas Chambers. Solid 4-6 foot. Hollow. Pumping. I was making critical drops, backside and pushing right up into the pocket. I felt very confident on this fin set up.

Felt very good.
Put a "tune up" on my board. Good call!

I first read about the Halo Fins in one on the Hawaiian South Newsletters and decided to buy a set up for my 6鈥10鈥 Stretch Quad, I remember this past winter at a spot called Keaau in Makaha. Keaau鈥檚 was breaking about 4ft shallow backside I was in total shock to see how I was able make some late drops and the fins just held up without spinning out like normal fins would do, and the speed you can generate pumping down the line, it's amazing! Not to also mention how easy and with almost no effort you can smack that lip or do a floater. Guys would ask me what was making my board so fast. And I then would flip my board over and show them the fins and tell them where I got them from. I swear I would have to that at least once or twice every surf session.

I will never go back to using normal fins again鈥
Thanks, Hawaiian South Shore.


Hi Dave, firstly i would like to say many thanks for the excellent service, being all the way over here in Oz didn't make any difference and i felt the aloha.

anyhow i am a hopeless surfer I'm no Kelly Slater not a tom Carroll, think i can style like jerry Lopez but only when I鈥檓 sleeping in my dreams 鈥

anyhow got your halos put it on my 10' starboard sup and tried them out on a few different days, here's what i noticed at my local beach break which tends to have more closeout days than nice peeling days and i would have to wait for those days a little more than the others.
鈥ut with the halos i noticed that down the line my board pumped so i tried a closeout sorta day the kind that i wouldn't bother worry with the sup and that extra speed got me more wave time than i could imaging, I kid you not these fins rip! thanks for making me that little bit better. I鈥檓 still no Lopez hehehe.



Thanks for your informative website. I've been surfing for about 45 years, I'm 54 now. Surfing has come a long way from the days of triple stringer, 1/2" stringers, balsa wood, step deck, slip check, no leash, paraffin and sideslipping. During my high school years, I was a backyard board maker, in a tin roof shack under a mango tree. We bought our kits from Rich Parr Surfboards and Fiberglass Hawaii.

Back then if you had the talent, you could template and measure a friend鈥檚 board and make one in less than a week. I never really got into fin technology, but it was always in the back of my mind. I would draw twin fins with a foil across the top, single fins with a foil on the top. As it turns out some of the same designs, I was dreaming about are in production today. I've seen unusual fin designs on boards and wondered how would that work?

When I saw Noah Shimabukuro talking about Donald Takayama鈥檚 new Halo fin it sounded interesting so I went down to your shop to test out a demo fin. I think it's great that you guys have a demo program after all there's no better marketer than a satisfied customer. I put in a reservation because the day I wanted to try it you were all out. When the associate called me back saying they had a demo back, I couldn't surf for a while. I was trying to think up reasons, justifications to explain to my wife why I needed new fins when the original 1 by 2s worked fine. In the meantime, I met my cousin Jimmy G who said he had a 7" Halo center that I could try.

I put it on and the waves were junk I couldn't really test it. Then a small south swell came in and I tried it. It felt different in a good way. I saw my cousin again and asked him if I could buy it from him. He said to keep it because he got it at a discount. I was stoked so the next day I went to HSS and met Dave who was cool and said he was from Okinawa Auwrite Uchinanchus. I told him I was interested in the side bites for the Halo setup. I told him I had a 9'2" Surf tech by Hap Jacobs, he suggested the 4 1/4" sides. I purchased it and signed up to be a Royalty Rewards member.

I surfed it as soon as I could I put it to the test, I turn pretty hard and it felt like I was breaking the side fins out at times so I eased it down a notch and it works well. I seem to get around sections better. This summer I'm going to try pulling off carve 360s and longboard airs with the extra speed. I just got to get my 50-year-old body in shape to handle the added maneuvers. Also, got to watch my crotch so I don't land on a rail. The Halos just added more fun to my surfing. It makes me want to surf as much as I can to see how much I can improve. Come and see me at my home break. I'm the type of guy where if it works, why mess with it. But I'm glad I messed with it, because my surfing has improved thanks to the Halos.

Mahalo to the Crew at HSS, Noah for the video, and Donald Takayama the Inventor

REVIEW BY: Rippin' Surfer Kento
54, Kaimuki

Aloha Dave & Hawaiian South Shore Staff:

A few weeks ago, I purchased two sets of Halo fins (4-1/2"). A FCS set up for a thruster and a Future set up for my Quad (4 fins; 4-1/2" & 4-1/8"). I had good experiences with both fins in small to medium surf and clean & mushy waves. The highlights that I like about these fins are; You can pull out of the flat sections & gain speed, your turns are more vertical and you can generate lots of speed without slowing down. These fins also hold well with a fluid flow of speed on cut backs. By far the Halo fins are great for its diversity in wave size and conditions. I can't wait til your Future thrusters are available.

A switch stance Master.

I'm a goofy foot and I ride a 8'0 quad Griffin hybrid funboard. I have been using the MR twin fin set (without trailer) for the past winter season into summer with great results. Got the twin fin halos last week and have been using it a lot at Chun鈥檚 for the past week or so. Waves been averaging in the 3'-4' with pluses (Hawn鈥檚 scale). I really like the way the board can pull off tighter turns up the wave face. I've been able to take off at the point and make it past the west bowl a number of times. I like the drives these babies produce, especially since I go backside most of the time. Can't wait till the quads come in.


How the Halo fin improved and transformed my surfing?

Six months ago, I purchased my first set of "Halo Fins" from Hawaiian South Shore. I'm just an average surfer and I go surfing as often as I can. From my first wave with these "Halo Fins" I was hooked. It was incredible, instantly I could feel the difference of my board. These fins made my board much looser; more drive-y and it made my board livelier for sure. These "Halo fins" has definitely has improved my surfing and stepped it up a notched.

My surfing feels more "fluid and natural". My turns are more crisp, sharp and radical. I am so stoked that I look forward to my next surf session. These fins has transformed my surfing and my batch of average boards to a whole new quiver with endless possibilities! Most importantly, "Surfing even more FUN"!!

54, Hanalua Bay in Maui


These Halo fins are great! Bought them last week & surfed them four times already. I'm rocking the 4 1/8" side bites & 8" center fin on my 10' SUP. They put out more speed & allow much tighter turns & carves, while still holding well when up on the nose. I've also found that the 8" center fin works just as well on the Takayama ITP 9'3". Haven't tried them on anything bigger than head high yet, but I'm sure they'll hold up great!



I bought the Halo 4 1/8 side bites for my longboard last week. Really didn't know what to expect.聽

Surf conditions were rather bumpy and small at DH on Thursday and Saturday.

First thing that was noticeable was that the board picked up speed when I started the trim.

That was good but the next test was to see if there was a significant stall on a reverse cutback. Waves were weak so I expected some lag cutting back again with the wave flow. Not too bad, board kept moving聽

Came off the lip and over the top on one wave. Halos seem to keep the board more stable and faster.

Monday, 9/14.聽 DH - more size and less wind.聽 Height running about 2 to 3 sometimes 4 and some sets slightly overhead.聽

Knowing now what these fins can do, I was waxed down and ready.聽 Bigger waves and better conditions.

Speed, turns, cutbacks, up the face and down again.....makes my longboard almost react like a shortboard except for riding the nose.

聽Was there a significant difference between these Halos and my standard side bites? You betcha! GREAT fins.聽

I didn't know that the side bites can makes such a big, in this case GREAT, difference聽

(Note:聽 I use the FCS Vector 6" custom hatchet for my center fin.聽 This fin, in itself, also makes the board go fast)聽 Now it's faster.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Hey guys,

I recently took a job promotion to move out to Tokyo. After a few trips out to Chiba I realized I needed a new approach to compete for waves in Japan. Being 6'0" and 180lbs, I was at a distinct size disadvantage when it came to paddling into small shore breaks against guys much smaller and lighter than myself. I tried all the boards that I had brought out to Japan, two longboards, my 6'6" single fin, and my 6'0" fish. While I could catch waves and get some fun rides, I didn't feel like I was optimizing my time in the water. Since it was a hour and a half trip by car and I only got to surf on Sundays, I wanted to make a change in my equipment to make my surfing in Japan more enjoyable.

A co-worker of mine took a trip to Hawaii and I had him pick me up a pair of Halo fins for my fish while he was there. What a difference they have made. I could feel a distinct difference in my paddling and was able to get on waves much earlier than with my previous fin set-up.

I also could get in more turns on less than ideal conditions on a typical day in Chiba due to the drive I could get while carving with my new fins. I miss surfing in Hawaii every day, but with my Halo fins, I am happy to rip up the waves here in Japan.

30, Current City: Tokyo, Japan
My heart: Oahu, Hawaii

Howzit Dave,

Just writing a Testimonial on your Halo Fins. I have been using the Halo 4" Thruster Fins since June of this year. It was a very good change from my H2's I had on. I have used it only on two boards.

My everyday board is a Al Merrick M-13 which is 6'10" x 21 x 2 11/16. The board responds very good with very tight turns and cut backs. I am able to generate a tremendous amount of speed thru these fins to make sections.

Yesterday I went and switched my Halo's to my H2's just for a comparison. I am definite the Halo is my choice. I found when riding that I don't need to shift my weight to the back of the board to get response on turning.

Thank You,
Clayton Shobu

Halo Fins are GOOD! I tried the 5" Halo's on my 5'7 fish in place of my usual keels. Immediately I could tell the difference the board paddled much easier. Performance wise the fins have the same drive and hold as keels but the skatiness of a modern twin fin template. I was amazed at how tight I could turn a wide tailed fish and still be able to flow right through a slopy section without losing speed. What really sold me though was how much earlier and easier I got in on the waves. When you're paddling a 5'7 against longboards and SUP's this is definitely GOOD!!!


Wat鈥檚 up gang I like to share my recent purchase of the halo quad future fins I recently purchased at Hawaiian South shore. I heard so much about this fins on its performance and turning capabilities. So, I waited till the next shipment which my man Dave gave me a call April 30th late afternoon. I told him I be right down coming from central oahu made the drive less than hour. I got the futures halo quad set up for my 11-0 PSH. The next day at straight outs tried but no waves couldn鈥檛 really feel the difference. That was until today, paddled out on my SUP quad halo on and bam. First wave a nice left got around the white water made the section to my surprise. Turn and responded to my likening. I鈥檓 just a weekend warrior but I get out as much as possible. Then set came in about shoulder high, paddled hard got down the drop turned right and the wall lining up gooood. Did couple of turns and that was one of the best rights I ever had at straight outs. IN fact I caught 3 more rights before going back to the usual left backside action for me. Still working out the kinks on the fins but I love it and got me the side bites for my longboard. But I鈥檓 happy with my investments, I鈥檓 sure it will provide me with fun and smooth surfing. I like to say mahalo to Dave and Keith for their help and all the hook ups I get when I visit Hawaiian south shore. I passed the word out to the guys I surf with at straight outs they should try the halo cuz it鈥檚 the bomb aloha Kaipo 鈥渂igdawg鈥

Skeptical at first with the design. But after catching first wave with it I was amazed. First thing I noticed was the drive. I barely had to pump my board to get it going. Once it got going it would just keep generating speed. Found myself beating the wave and having to slow down. Fins took away that thruster feel and made it feel more like a twin fin but with more hold. So you had to ride board similar to riding a traditional twin fin. So bottom turns, top turns, and cutbacks had to be a little more drawn out. But doing turns with them on were so smooth and it kept the drive going through turns.

So ya, fins would go well with someone who wants to turn their thruster into a speedy rocket that turns smooth like butter...haha!


Took a day to demo the 9" Takayama Halo fin on my 9'6" Silver spoon and was really impressed with the results.

This fin gave me a big increase in speed with very little effort. Turns were looser but the board did not feel sloppy or uncontrollable.

The board was a little less forgiving when nose riding, but it was not a big deal for me. Overall, I really enjoyed riding with this fin and ended up buying it. Good addition to anyone's fin collection.


A very interesting fin set up.

I have a Surf tech Donald Takayama DT3 9'2'' x 22 1/2". After 3 different center and side bite fin combinations, I still wasn't satisfied. Searching the surf shops (on the internet) for fins Hawaiian South Shore listed the Halo fins. Upon my first inquiry the fins were out of stock, a good sign of sorts. Finally got to order a set - 8 1/2" center and 4 1/8" side bites. My first impression I got a new board. Waves running about chest to shoulder high, smooth and lined up fairly well. Noticed more positive drive off the bottom, lots more control off the top and in the whitewater. It seems to nose ride differently, a bit more control.

Again, just like having a brand-new board. It seems to be able to draw both long arcs and pivot turns with a lot more ease.

The wooden looking craft in the background is my new stand-up paddle board. 9'10" by 29 15/16" custom epoxy sandwich technology by Bruce Ishino on Kauai. There are 5 fin boxes (Pro Box Hawaii) which provides 3, 4 & 5 fin configurations. Being in the learning stages on the stand up, the only thing I can report so far is the Halo quad set up is loose as a goose.

A shout out to Donald Takayama - thank you so much for all the contributions you've made to surfboard building and surfing in general. Not to mention the instrumental role you provided in the longboard resurgence (thank God!) I do have a 9'8' x 22 7/8" poly board from the Oceanside shop with glass on side bites. Hopefully a Halo center fin in the near future for this board. Much aloha to you and your family. See you in the water sometime.


Takayama Halo Fins we have in stock:聽鉃ぢ CLICK HERE