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What is CARBON WRAP Surfboard Technology?

CW Diamond Edition: Next level surfing technology.
After multiple years of team rider driven work with the latest performance improving reinforcement materials, we are excited to launch Carbon Wrap-Diamond Edition.  Our latest composite sees a decrease in carbon fiber through the reinforcing tape, lending a very minimalistic look and offering a more forgiving flex. We have not compromised strength, as the reduction in carbon has been replaced with an extra strong “XS-Glass”, which offers exceedingly strong tensile strength along with optimized flex characteristics.  The updated tape allows for a more responsive overall flex, resulting in smoother, more predictable performance.
Combined with our new “Flex2Volume” (articulated deck reinforcement) program, Carbon Wrap is moving forward to provide surfers with next level surfing technology.
Articulated Deck Reinforcement System
Flex2Volume is a new articulated deck reinforcement program, developed BY DMS to provide more specific flex characteristics from smaller to larger boards in Carbon Wrap Technology.  The overall flex of a surfboard isn’t “one flex fits all”.  The Flex2Volume program marries the boards size to the required flex for obtaining optimum performance. We developed 4 flex grades to suit different sizes of boards and better match with surfers sizes.  Each grade is separated by a reduction of carbon strands on the deck as the boards get smaller. But don’t be confused, we’ve done the work for you, and set a specific scale for each CarbonWrap model in our line.