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Dakine Deckpad Andy Irons Traction Shadow

$45.00 USD

Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction Pad

Andy Irons Pro Traction Pad, a timeless grip that never goes out of style. This three-piece design has been surfed by one of the greatest athletes in our sport, from the legendary breaks of Hossegor to the iconic Pipeline. Andy Irons, an all-time great, surfed this pad in every color imaginable throughout his career. And now, we proudly present his signature model in a captivating camo pattern.

Like all Dakine traction pads, the Andy Irons Pro Traction Pad is crafted from biodegradable Friendly Foam, ensuring a sustainable choice. Furthermore, it comes in plastic-free packaging, aligning with our commitment to reducing environmental impact. We've also utilized marine-grade 3M® adhesive to ensure a secure bond that withstands the toughest waves.


  • 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


  • 12" x 12.25" [ 30 x 31cm ]


  • Dakine Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA foam
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Positraction grid pattern
  • Three piece pad
  • 5mm center arch
  • 20mm ramp tail kick
  • 3M® high grade adhesive

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