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Fins Unlimited Kanoa Dahlin ALOHA Longboard Fin 9.5"/Flower

Kanoa Dahlin Aloha Fiberglass Fins

The ALOHA fin was designed for those surfers who want a low volume fin that is designed to react spontaneously but proven to hold your tail in through hard turns and a solid hold in the curl to create stability while perched on the nose.

This fin works great on any style longboard with 50/50, 60/40 old school rails yet …. is a great fin to increase your maneuverability and performance on a single fin HiPro style board with edge on the tail.

Many fins on the market are over CHOOSE FIN SIZEd and create too much direction for most surfers to handle. Many top pros ride these style of fins. Now although my fin designs will optimize the performance of the worlds best long boarders, it’s not just limited to that level of talent. As a fin designer I recognize the need and importance for my fins to suit the surfing of the everyday surfer. This fin is designed with the idea to elevate all surfers enjoyment in the water and to raise their performance to a higher level. “Aloha Fin”….

Give it a chance. Experience the stoke! And don’t be afraid to pay the positive vibes forward. “Live Aloha”

$125.00 USD

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