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ENDORFINS KELLY SLATER TWIN+2 FCS2 Compatible Black Blue Color


The Endorfins Twin + 2 setup from Kelly Slater features four fins that were all designed by the GOAT鈥攁 standard set of grovel twin fins, as well as two bonus center stabilizers. Featuring carbon fiber from base to tip, these fins have a grounded base and flex in the tip. A slightly thicker foil provides added drive and a lot of hold through turns, while the refined outline still allows for aggressive turns and progression.聽

The Twin + 2 set also comes with two options for center stabilizersthe knubster and the sharktooth.

The knubster is best for a looser feel that maintains the speed of the twin but provides just a hint of added control, while the sharktooth has a slightly larger profile and a more pronounced tip for extra hold.

With this four-fin set, you have the option of three different configurations鈥a true twin, a twin + nubster, and a twin plus sharktooth for added control (or for larger surfers). No matter which you choose, expect tons of speed and that loose feel of freedom that comes with the classic twin-fin setup.

$140.00 USD

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